REVIEW: The BE Salon and Spa at Byron Bay

I absolutely love facials and any kind of pampering so when I was in Byron Bay over the weekend, I knew I had to book a treatment in. I had heard the BE Salon and Spa was one of the best spas in Byron Bay and just so happened to walk past it on my first day there. After enquiring, I managed to secure a booking for the next day. I originally booked the BE Specific Facial 1-2-3, however I ended up having the BE Anti-Age Galvanic Facial. More about that later…

Upon walking in, I was seated in a tiny little nook and about five minutes later I was taken in. Behind the reception area are flowy curtains; this is where the treatment room is hidden. Inside, it was spacious and decorated very boho (I didn’t have a chance to snap some photos sadly). After having a quick chat with my therapist I decided to have the anti ageing facial for only $10 extra (can’t hurt right?).

The bed had heated blankets and was incredibly comfortable, just like a snuggly afternoon on the couch! My therapist started off with a cleanse, followed by exfoliator and a masque. While the masque was working its magic, I was treated to a great foot massage (probably the best I’ve ever had). It was pure bliss and left me floating.

Part of the Anti-Age Galvanic Facial is the use of a machine which gives the skin a ‘facelift’; it tightens and lifts the skin. This was applied to my face for about ten minutes, followed by another mask/peel, a facial, neck and a hand massage. A moisturiser was applied, along with an eye cream, right at the end.

The entire treatment was perfect. I felt very well taken care of, from start to finish. The spa has a very calming aura about it, so you immediately unwind as soon as you step in. My therapist was very friendly yet allowed me to have a peaceful and quiet treatment, and to enjoy the moment. 

The facial left my skin soft and refreshed. I’m not sure if I looked any younger, as I don’t think I have any obvious lines or wrinkles but my skin did feel tighter, especially around my jaw line. It also did not break me out the next day. The machine used during the facial is a revolutionary machine that aims to lift any sagging skin and tighten it, delivering a ‘facelift’. It retails for around $700 and is quite popular in Byron Bay but not in Melbourne, according to my therapist. I’ve never heard of it to be honest but that may be because I don’t normally book anti ageing facials. Has anyone else heard of it? 

The massages helped to loosen up any stiffness and my body was left feeling deeply relaxed afterwards. My therapist applied a firm pressure which I found really helped, especially around my neck and shoulders (where I hold the most tension). I woke up sore the following day, which to me means an effective massage : ) 

If you’re ever in the Byron Bay Area I highly recommend paying a visit to this spa. It’s a great way to unwind and be pampered in a calm and friendly environment. 

Below are the details of the BE Anti-Age Galvanic Facial

Cleanse and Tone


Lymphatic Massage

Galvanic Spa

Serum and moisturiser

~1 hour $120~

Where do you go to relax? 

xo Roxane

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