How to Prep Your Skin for a Summer Holiday

Ah Summer. It conjures thoughts of warm nights, days by the sea and a sense of time standing still. It’s winter where I live, so this is the time when Australians fly off on their annual holiday to chase the sun. While I’ll be firmly planted in Melbourne this winter, I thought it would help to relive some winter blues by putting together a guide on getting your skin summer ready. This post was written in collaboration with the Dollar Shave Club (here), who asked me to share my tips on summer skincare (I should also mention that this post is not sponsored in any way).

Summer is a
time when you want to be feeling and looking your best. It’s the time to shed
all of those heavy winter layers and embrace a lighter, easier and let’s face it,
skimpier way of dressing. With all of that skin on show, you want to ensure
your skin is glowing, healthy and hair-free.

Before I
prepare for a summer holiday, I like to follow a simple regime that will leave
me feeling confident and ready to embrace all that summer brings. If you’re planning on
spending a lot of time at the beach, there are a few ways to prep yourself. I
normally dedicate one night to getting myself beach- ready, and I normally do
this one or two days before I leave. This allows time for the skin to calm down,
especially after waxing and shaving, as well as allowing your self-tanner to

your skin:
This is such an important step, as it gets rid of dead skin cells,
creates a smooth canvas to apply your self-tanner to and helps to prevent
ingrown hairs forming. I have been using the Arbonne Foaming Sea Salt Scrub recently and it leaves my skin feeling amazingly smooth. I am also loving the Café Skin Scrub, as it leaves the skin incredibly soft and moisturised.

The most important step of the routine! Depending on your preference,
book your wax appointment about two days before your skin, to allow any redness
or irritation to calm down. Alternatively, you can shave the night before
(which is what I normally do). Nothing beats freshly shaved legs, and I prefer
this method of hair removal as it’s quick, effective pain-free, which is always a good
thing!. Try the Gilette razors from your local supermarket or join the Dollar
Shave Club for a monthly subscription of razors (here).

Apply a self-tanner:
Depending on your preference, you can either apply a gradual tanner over a few
days or one that develops after one use. I like to apply the St Tropez Tanning
Mousse in Dark first, and then take a gradual tanner with me on holidays to top
it up (I like the Eco Tan Winter Skin Gradual Tanning Moisturiser). It probably doesn’t make much sense
applying a tanner before a beach holiday, but it’s great for adding some colour
to the skin, especially if you are coming from a colder climate, and it’s a great confidence booster too. I took a boat cruise in Santorini last year at the start of my trip and I was glowing white (definitely the whitest person there, eek!).

Once my tanner has developed, I wash it off and apply a great moisturizer.
Choose a thick formula to deeply hydrate the skin, as long flights can leave
you dehydrated. I like The Body Shop Body Butter range, or coconut oil if you
prefer natural based products.

How do you get your skin ready for the summer?

xo Roxane

The Dollar
Shave Club asked me to write a post on my summer skincare tips. This post was
not sponsored and all opinions are my own. 


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