REVIEW: The Natural Deodorant in Lavender and Tea Tree

The Natural Deodorant have
created a totally natural, organic line of deodorants that do not contain any
chemicals or harmful ingredients. All products are handmade and are made from
the coast of NSW, using locally sourced produce. They are also cruelty free and
are not tested on animals. 

I recently purchased this deodorant in the Lavender and Tea Tree
scent after spotting it at a health supermarket. To be honest, I had planned to finish up my Arbonne Pure Mint deodorant before purchasing another however I couldn’t resist the cute packaging and the fact that it’s totally natural. 

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from a natural deodorant. While anything chemical free is always a
good thing, I wasn’t sure how well it would protect against sweat and body odour, and how long it would last during the day. While I don’t have a physically strenuous
job, I still rush around, especially to and from work so it’s important to me that
a deodorant works properly and provides good protection. 

The deodorant itself is a stick
formula, and there is a twist function to push it up. I actually prefer stick formulas to sprays and roll ons, as these type of deodorants tend to have a thicker formula and offer better protection. 

I have been applying the deodorant in the morning and have noticed
that the formula is slightly hard when I use it. This occurs when the
temperature is cold, and living in Melbourne, most mornings are quite chilly.
After swiping it a few times under my armpits it eventually softens. It does
leave a slight residue behind which it isn’t too noticeable, although it could possibly show up if you were wearing a black top (I’m yet to test this). It also has a beautiful lavender scent which lingers after application. It’s probably the best smelling deodorant I’ve ever used. 

In terms of odour control, I was initially
worried that it wouldn’t mask the smell of sweat however I was pleasantly
surprised to find that it in fact does, very well. When I was using the Arbonne
Pure Mint deodorant, I did find that it didn’t completely cover body odour for the entire day, so
by the time I’d returned home after a full day of work, there was a slight
sweat odour lingering (sorry if this it TMI). With the Natural Deodorant, I
did not experience this at all. It could be because lavender is typically a
strong scent so it does a better job at masking body odour than mint does. I’d
be interested to find out whether the other scents in the range mask odours as
well as the Lavender and Tea Tree does.

I am a huge fan of this particular
deodorant, as it offers great protection and covers body odour
well (not to mention the beautiful scent). The only possible downside is the price tag; I paid around $13.45 for it which is quite expensive (although not as expensive as the Arbonne Pure Mint deodorant). I’d be interested to see how long this deodorant lasts for, and then weigh up whether it is worth the price. 

I personally would purchase this again, especially in another scent. I can’t see myself going back to regular deodorants anymore, especially after seeing how well natural based, chemical-free deodorants work. 

Have you tried this deodorant? 

xo Roxane

*Update: For more information regarding natural deodorants, here is a link to an interesting article by It gives details on what to look for when picking a natural based deodorant, and is worth a read if you are looking to make the switch! 

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