REVIEW: The Mizon Enjoy Vital- Up Time Tone Up Mask

Lately I’ve been on a quest to find skincare that brings back my inner radiance. We all want that elusive green smoothie/yoga practicing/meditation glow. It’s the one that makes us eat crazy foods and down even stranger juice concoctions, all in the hope of winding back those hard living years. 

A perfect way to capture this elusive glow is by using a face mask. I’ve tested out a few different brands over the last few months, and it is really is trial and error to work out what works personally for you. 

The latest one is the cutely named Enjoy Vital- Time Tone Up Mask by Korean based brand Mizon. This was included in a Bellabox and has been sitting on my bedside table, pleading to be used. I had a few hours spare so I decided to try it out. 

Product name: Mizon Enjoy Vital- Time Tone Up Mask. 

Product information: This skin brightening mask is designed to fade pigmentation and blemishes. The mask is infused with Mizon’s Vital Essence, which helps to heal the skin, provide natural moisture, deeply hydrate and soothe and revitalise tired skin. It contains fresh lemon, a natural whitener. 

My review: After showering and cleansing my face, I took the mask out of the packaging and carefully applied it to my skin. The mask was soaked with the essence, and I used the remaining essence in the package on my neck and collarbone. It’s one of those masks that resemble a face; two gaps for eyes, one for the nose and a slit for the mouth. 

Random fact: I find these style masks really, really creepy and always give myself a fright when I look into the mirror. 

I lay down for around 15 minutes and let the mask work its magic. I did not experience any tingling or discomfort whatsoever during the process. The mask stayed on well, but only because I was lying down. It’s the type of mask that you can’t move around in, just because it’s soaked with product and might slip off, so it’s important to set aside some free time. 

After about fifteen minutes I peeled it off and peeked into the mirror. My skin looked really good, much better than I had expected. It was well hydrated, plumped and seriously glowing. I massaged the remaining essence into my skin and marvelled at the radiance I was omitting! 

I checked the Mizon website and they have a wide range of masks for different skin needs. I’d really like to purchase some, so I’ll check if there are any Australian stockists. 

Have you tried a Mizon mask? What did you think? 

xo Roxane

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