A small MAC Haul

You know that makeup product that you always eye off, always test on the back of your hand and always know you’ll buy one day but haven’t actually gotten around to it yet? That was me when it came to the Asian Flower Sheen Supreme Lipstick by MAC, ever since I saw it on Bubblegarm’s blog all those years ago. Well, I finally got the chance to buy it today and I’m so happy to finally add it to my collection. It’s a really bright lipstick and a bit out of my comfort zone but I’ve decided to be more adventurous with my makeup. I used to be scared to wear bright lipsticks and anything that drew attention to my lips (a leftover fear from having braces I think) but now I’m ready to embrace it all!

I also purchased another MAC product, the Bronzing Powder in the shade ‘Matte Bronze’. I used to be a total bronzer girl and had quite the collection but these days, I hardly wear it. I’ve decided to start again and thought this would be the perfect kickstarter. Years ago I was addicted to over the top, shimmery bronzers but now I prefer a natural, matte finish. As the name suggests, this is a really subtle matte bronzer, which is perfect for adding a tint to my skin without making it super obvious. 

I love MAC for the bold, strong colours and the confidence the brand exudes. It’s a great place to start if you’re building up a makeup collection, simply because there are shades to suit absolutely everyone. 

What are your favourite MAC products? 

xo Roxane

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