How to Recover After a Bad Day

We all have
bad days. As positive as you might be, sometimes the smallest thing can go
wrong, and suddenly, the day has taken a turn for the worst. It could be a
disagreement with a friend, an error you made at work or a comment that stung
or rubbed you up the wrong way and the next thing you know, you’re in the
bathroom fighting back tears. It can be hard to get over it and nothing
you do can shake off that uncomfortable, not quite right feeling.
Recently, I had a pretty bad day. Everything seemed to go wrong as the day
progressed and it left me feeling shaky, upset and doubting who I was as a
person (bear in mind though, I tend to feel things a bit more than others; the
curse of being highly sensitive!). After having a difficult day, I do anything
that brings me comfort; reading a favourite book, working on my blog or just
spending time by myself. 

I find the
best way to get through a bad day is to breathe, tell yourself it will pass and
do something that will make you happy. Try to put whatever is causing you grief
out of your mind and remind yourself things will be ok- I find saying this
aloud really helps too! 

up with a book.
There’s nothing like losing yourself in a great novel. When I’m
feeling down I reach for something familiar, and escape for a little

in a bubble bath.
 There’s something deeply relaxing about lying in a tub full
of pretty bubbles. It feels really good, and your troubles will float

down with a favourite tv show or movie.
You know what type of movies
always make me feel better? The ones that have a struggle of some sort, small
town girl moves to big city types. You don’t feel so alone. Watching a
favourite tv show also really helps to lift my spirits (my pick are Friends and
Sex and the City). 

a nap.
all else fails (and I promise it won’t), take a nap. It’s the perfect escape
and really, is there any better feeling in the world than drifting off and
leaving your worries behind? 

up on some blog reading.
This is a great way to distract yourself, as it’s light and
enjoyable. Some of my favourite blog reads at the moment are Life With Me and
Bottles and Boots. 

yourself with something you love, whether it be with a cupcake, a new nail
polish or a pair of shoes. It might life your spirits, if only for

in someone.
Sometimes, all we need to hear is that things are going to be ok.
Speak to a close friend, you sister or brother and tell them your worries. It
sounds cliche, but you won’t feel so alone with your problems. 

taking yourself away to a safe place can help so much. Try to block out
negative thoughts and try to live inside your head for awhile; sounds strange
but it really does help! 

How do you
escape from a bad day? 

xo Roxane


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