Behind A Beauty Wanderer

I thought I’d take a break from my usual beauty/travel/general
lifestyle posts and write a fun, get to know me type post. I personally like to
read these style posts from fellow bloggers, as they’re interesting and you get
to find out a bit more about the person behind the blog (only if you want to,
of course). I’m always a bit scared to get personal on this blog as a lot of my
friends and family read it and I have a fear of being judged or sounding silly
BUT it is my blog so I should be able to write how I feel! Anyway, here goes. I
hope you find this interesting and let me know whether you like these type of

I love everything about New York. Growing up, I watched and read anything that
was set in NY and I lived vicariously through shows such as Sex and the City,
Friends and Gossip Girl. I’ve been lucky to visit twice and it was even greater
than I’d imagined. The hustle and bustle, the beautiful brownstone apartments
and of course Sephora won my heart and I just want to go back again and again.
My lifelong dream is to move there one day and blog full time, from a cute
apartment in Chelsea. 

I was born in country Victoria (Mildura to be exact) but have lived most of my
life in Melbourne. I love city life and couldn’t imagine living anywhere

Clowns terrify me. I find them really, really creepy and they always seem to
pop up in random places around me (once at LA airport and another time near a
cafe I was in). 

I have a really dry, sarcastic sense of humour and most people don’t get it; it
comes across as serious or negative and I always get strange looks after I tell a

Confrontation and conflict make me extremely anxious. I really hate being in those situations and the only way I cope is to mentally shut down. 

Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary was the first beauty blog I ever read and it was
right before my first overseas trip to New York. I remember writing a list of
all the products she recommended and I bought all of them. Her blog really
inspired me to start my own, although it took me a few years to take the plunge. 

I have two siblings (a sister and a brother) and we are all really close. 

I was almost named Alexandra. I always wonder how my life
might’ve turned out!

My dad named me after a Persian princess. Roxane was the wife
of Alexander the Great and completely crazy by the sound of things…hmmm.

I’m a creature of habit. Routines and structure make me feel safe,
and keep me grounded. If a habit is broken it makes me uneasy. 

One of my dreams is to write a novel. I’ve got a rough storyline mapped out in
my head; all I need to do is sit down and write it.

I love listening to heavy metal and rap music. I find it therapeutic. 

I’m the ultimate tea addict, even since I took that first sip at 5 years old. I remember it was a cold night, my family had just moved house and I was feeling anxious and confused. It was so comforting and it still is to this day. I drink tea when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I want to relax and when I’m stressed. Earl grey is my favourite. 

I am really sensitive and feel emotions more than most people. If someone is
rude or unpleasant I always assume it’s because of me. 

I started travelling in my mid-twenties (late bloomer) and have been obsessed
with it ever since. I think the idea of escaping everyday life is what appeals
most to me, and I also love the ritual of organising and packing for a trip. My
dream destinations at the moment are Israel, Poland and Japan.

My favourite features are my eyes, hair and nails. Least favourite would
probably be my height (I’m barely 155cm) and my nose.

Thanks for reading!

xo Roxane


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