Orchid Day Spa with Vaniday

I’m convinced I was a princess in a past life who soaked in
luxurious baths and lived a life of absolute decadence because I love being
pampered. I love facials, massages, body scrubs and even just soaking in my
Lush filled bathtub brings me immense joy. With our ever increasingly busy
lives, it’s really important to fit in time just for ourselves (and we
shouldn’t feel guilty for it either).

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Vaniday,
which is an app designed to book and manage beauty services seamlessly, all at
your fingertips. It includes hundreds of salons and spas from around the
country, and you can filter to suit your particular needs. It uses your current
location to list places in your area, or you can enter a location in to search
for available salons. It includes everything from
hair to massage, facials to nails, so you really are covered for any
situation. If you lead a busy life and find it hard to make time for those
little things, Vaniday is the app for you. It’s perfect if you live your life
on the go as you can literally book in an appointment anywhere, anytime. 

I booked in
for a 30 minute express Dermalogica facial at Orchid Day
via the Vaniday app.  The process was very efficient and
simple, and once you set up an account through Vaniday it’s just a matter of
selecting a date and time for your treatment. I chose my appointment on a
Friday after work, as I figured it was a great way to ease myself into the
weekend (I remember Friday nights used to be a mad dash from work to home, home
to club, and now a big night out includes a facial and bedtime. How times have
changed…). On the day of a treatment, I received a notification via the
Vaniday app reminding me of my appointment time. I tend to be a bit
forgetful at times so I really appreciated the reminder. 

Orchid Day Spa is tucked away in Hardware Lane, amongst a mix of
restaurants, jewellery stores and the usual hustle and bustle of Melbourne. It
has a wonderfully calm, laidback vibe which relaxes you as soon as you step
foot in. My therapist took me up the quaint, winding stairs to the top floor
where I was to have my treatment. There was no noise to be heard upstairs, and
it felt like we were a world away from the busy street 

The Dermalogica facial included a face cleanse, exfoliation,
steam, extractions, a masque and moisturiser to finish it off. I also received
a wonderful neck and shoulder massage, which felt heavenly (this is always my
favourite part of a facial). 

Feeling so relaxed after the facial! Please excuse the panda eyes… 

It was the
perfect way to finish of the working week, and I left the salon feeling deeply
relaxed. Matthew met me afterwards and we schlepped to the Emporium in
search of a cup of tea and warmth (panda eyes and all). 

I’ve always
loved browsing through spa sites and reading up on treatments, services and
customer reviews, and I’ve found myself doing just that on the Vaniday app.
Vaniday also notify you of any special deals or promotions that are currently
occurring at their salons/spas, so it’s a great way to be kept in the loop!

Where do you go for your beauty treatments?

Thank you to
Vaniday for the collaboration!

xo Roxane

*I was kindly gifted this treatment from Vaniday for consideration. I was not paid for this post and as always, all opinions and reviews are my own.

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