REVIEW: On the move with MooGoo!

Moogoo is a brand that I came across on Instagram recently, and it immediately appealed to me. As you know, I’ve been slowly transitioning over to natural based, organic beauty products and I’ve been on a mission to try out as many different brands as possible. 

Travel packs and sample sizes are a great way to try out new products, as they are cheaper and you can work out what works for you without committing to a full sized product. After mentioning the MooGoo range to my fiancé, he surprised me with a travel sized pack, which includes four everyday essential products. 

Here’s what was included: 

The Natural Milk Wash was originally a face cleanser, however it has now been packaged into a bigger bottle for the body. The product is made up of six gentle, low irritant cleansers, is free from parabens and is PH balanced. It has a mild, sweet milky scent which is pleasant. I’m looking forward to trying this cleanser out, and curious to see whether it removes grime and dirt effectively from the face and body. 

If you have a sensitive scalp, itchiness or flakiness, then the Milk Shampoo may be the perfect product for you. The formula is made up of a combination of coconut and glucose based cleansers, which helps to gently cleanse the scalp. It has a similar scent to the Natural Milk Wash, with a hint of coconut. I was super excited to find out that it contained coconut, as it’s my favourite scent. 

The Cream Conditioner contains a combination of natural oils to detangle and soften the hair. It’s a healthier alternative to silicon based conditioners, and does not contain any nasty ingredients. It has a similar scent to the Milk Shampoo. 

The Skin Milk Udder Cream was what started MooGoo, and it’s easy to see why it’s still popular. It is a very lightweight lotion that is easily absorbed into the skin. Another bonus is the addition of Milk Protein which helps with skin elasticity. The smell is quite sweet and milky. If you’ve ever tried one of those Cleopatra style milk bath soaks, it has a similar scent. 

I’m heading off to Byron Bay next month and I’ll be packing this kit into my suitcase. I especially love how the cleanser can be used on both the face and body; multi-purpose products are so convenient, especially whilst travelling. 

Have you tried a MooGoo product? 

xo Roxane

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