How to get into the Christmas spirit


One thing I’ve
noticed about getting older is that it takes effort to feel excited for things. Things that I had once considered fun and thrilling, such as Christmas, have lost some of its sparkle and what’s left is sort of a dullness. 
In fact, the only thing that excites me these days are when I
have a quiet night in at home! I really want to bring back that excitement,
especially now that Christmas is right around the corner! Here are some ways to
bring back the sparkle and get you ready for Christmas!


Go to a department store
and wander around the Christmas department
. This is my favourite part of Christmas
and guarantees to put me into a great mood. The combination of Christmas carols
playing overhead, shiny new things to look at and the buzzing atmosphere automatically puts me into the
festive spirit. 

Watch some Christmas
vlogs on youtube
This is my absolute favourite thing to help get me into the festive season. A
lot of vloggers are taking part in Vlogmas so now is the time to set aside some
time and catch up with all of your favourites YouTubers. I especially love
watching those who celebrate a winter Christmas, and seeing all of that snow
takes me right back to being a kid and watching all of the Christmas midday movies on
channel 7. Some of my faves are Alex Centomo, Tanya Burr and Dizzy Brunette.

Visit the Christmas
. If you’re from
Melbourne, you’ll know that the Myer window displays are the best. I love
visiting after work and having a stroll around the city, soaking up all of the
holiday spirit. This to me is the best way to get myself in the spirit of the

Decorate your house. Put on some Christmas carols, pour
yourself a fancy cocktail and decorate away! I spent a Saturday afternoon
decorating mine and it was so much fun. I actually have a theme this year (gold
and pink, very minimal) and it worked out so well.

Go to some Christmas
. If you’re
a working gal, chances are your Christmas work party is happening very soon.
It’s a great way to let your hair down (although not too much), and
congratulate yourself on another year of hard work.

Treat yourself to a
manicure, facial or a Christmas gift
. Take advantage of the giving season by treating yourself
to a fancy manicure or a blow-dry. It will make you feel a bit special for the upcoming holidays.

Watch Christmas movies. Remember watching the Christmas movies as a kid in the lead up to Christmas? It was the perfect way to build anticipation and guaranteed to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling. Some favourites are Home Alone 2- Lost in New York, Groundhog Day, A Mom for Christmas (does anybody remember this movie starring Olivia Newton John?) and Jingle All the Way.

Plan your Christmas Day
outfit, complete with hairstyle and makeup
. If you celebrate Christmas, one sure fire way to have some fun is to plan your outfit. Being in a summer climate, I always like to wear something bright and colourful like a maxi dress or flowy kaftan. If I were in a colder climate,
I’d definitely wear jeans, cosy boots and a knitted Christmas jumper (this is something I always think of LOL).

Meet your mum, friend or colleague for a spot of shopping. There’s something about being amongst the mad rush in the lead up to Christmas; it’s fast paced, crowded and at some point you just need to relax and go with it.

Happy Holidays to everyone! I’ll be putting up some blog posts over the weekend because I’ll have some time off so be sure to check back!

xo Roxane

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