REVIEW: Le Tan Self Tanning Foam in Ultra Dark


Who doesn’t
love a tan? Living in Australia, there is a misconception that we are all
tanned, blonde and spend our days surfing at the local beach. Sadly this couldn’t
be further from the truth for most of us (well, the tan part anyway!). While some parts of the country are really warm all year round, 
Melbourne definitely isn’t one of them! Needless to say, we don’t get a whole lot of
beach days, so we rely on products to maintain that famous Australian glow. 


I am the
ultimate self-tanner addict. I’ve been fake tanning since I was about fifteen, when
I first purchased a self tanning lotion at the South Melbourne market and was swayed by
its promise to deliver a warm golden tan. It did not work out. I remember
waking up with orange hands and being too scared to go to school, for fear of
being made fun of. Over the years I’ve tried hundreds of tanners, and
definitely know which brands to stick to these days. I have two favourites that
I use regularly, and I apply them on Thursday or Friday nights so I’m nice and
tanned for the weekend. I use the St Tropez Tanning Mousse for my body and Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe for my face. The reason why I use two different ones is because the St Tropez
breaks my face out, whereas the Xen Tan does not.

Bellabox included a full sized bottle of the Le Tan Self Tanning Foam Ultra Dark in one of their boxes. It is
a green based tanning mousse that delivers the ultimate dark tan.
 I used it last night for the first time so I thought I’d review it.

The mousse
itself is tinted which is great as it acts as a guide. There is nothing worse than applying tanners with no colour; it always ends badly. The formula is foamy and light and and is coloured a milky chocolate brown. I used my trusty Le Tan Tanning mitt (which I also received from Bellabox) and applied it with a circular motion. As extra precaution, I always take time to rub it into my skin thoroughly, only because it is a darker tanner. With tanning mousse, it’s important to always use a tanning mitt for two reasons. One, it keeps your hands from turning brown and two, mitts have a velvet- like texture which ensures a flawless and even application. 

Once the colour had developed overnight I was so happy with the results. Even thought the tanner is dark I did not find it developed overly dark on my skin. Bear in mind that I did apply it with a light hand (about 1-2 pumps per limb) so if I had built it up I’m sure it would have developed into a darker colour (when I use a self tanner for the first time I always apply it with a light hand, just in case it doesn’t work out!). I was left with beautifully bronzed skin that looked extremely natural. I did not have any streaks whatsoever, but that’s because I blended it thoroughly which makes all the difference! 

I would compare the quality and finish to the St Tropez tanning mousse; that’s how good it is. I actually prefer the Le Tan Self Tanning Foam over other mousses I’ve used; the finish was more flawless and it didn’t have that strong fake tan smell that most self tanners have. 

I’m so happy with this tanner, especially when I discovered that it’s Australian made, vegan and against animal testing. Le Tan is a brand that I’ve dabbled with over the years but if all of their products are this good I’d be really keen to try out more of their range! 

Have you tried this self tanner? What’s your favourite one? 

xo Roxane

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