What I ate Wednesdays #3

Hello and welcome back to another edition of what I
ate Wednesdays. If you’re new to this, I basically document what I eat and
drink on Wednesdays. Work has been so busy lately that I’ve been forgetting to
eat and skipping meals. This is a really bad habit of mine so keeping this food
journal is a really good reminder to eat!

Anyway, let’s get to what I ate today! 

I started work a bit late this morning so all
I had was a cup of Lipton tea with milk. It was a really busy morning and when
I looked at the clock it was 11:30 and I realised I hadn’t eaten anything yet.
I always have random snacks on my desk so I reached for a Luv Sum macadamia and
coconut protein ball which kept me full until my next meal.


was eaten around 2pm (I don’t usually eat this late) and I had leftover
spaghetti with from the night with onion, garlic, anchovies, tomatoes, capers
and Kalamata olives (scroll down for photo). It was so delicious and kept me
full for the rest of the day. My friend surprised me with a fresh chai tea
and a cookie- so sweet! If you’ve never tried a fresh chai tea you must; it is
much tastier than the powdered versions and doesn’t leave you feeling

I worked back late today, and
went to Melbourne Central to pick up a gift for a friend. Shop the City was on
tonight and there were so many special events and offers on, but I was tired so
I bypassed it all and went home.

For some reason I wasn’t hungry
once I got home so dinner was eaten late, around 9pm. I had more of the leftover
pasta from last night and a cos lettuce, rocket and parsley salad (I’m one of
those weird people who love salad and eat a big bowl every night). 

For a snack I had half a mango, a
handful of my favourite Fantastic Goodies rice crackers and a big cup of tea.

That rounds up this week’s
edition of what I ate Wednesdays! My diet has definitely changed over the last
few years; I used to eat meat about 3-4 times a week and I’ve now cut back
to only once a week (if that). Meat and dairy make me feel sluggish and I noticed a huge
difference in my skin once I cut down; my skin stopped breaking out and it
improved overall.

What foods have you cut out of
your diet?

Thanks for reading! 
xo Roxane

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