January Bellabox!


January’s Bellabox was fresh and fun, making it very appropriate for the first month of the new year! The box wasn’t jam packed but I strangely liked that it way- perhaps it’s due to my new minimalistic outlook? I’m just kidding. I cannot be minimal with beauty products. Over this month alone I’ve already accumulated a whole bunch of new products (some gifted to me) and I don’t feel this will stop anytime soon. 

So this month’s theme was Beauty Resolutions, and Bellabox included a range of products that were fresh and perfect for summer. As a side note, I really feel like Bellabox have made a big effort with matching products to suit individual skin types, preferences etc. I recently updated my profile on the Bellabox website and I’ve noticed a huge improvement with the products I receive. So if you feel like you’re not receiving the best products for you, try updating your profile, it will make a huge difference! 

Here’s what I received: 


BB Summer Shimmer Trio in Unicorn. This is a product that Bellabox have actually designed and made as part of their own brand so it was exciting to see what it was like. There were two shades; I received the lighter one called Unicorn. All three shades are pastel and include a bronze, gold and a purple shade. The texture is gel like and the pigmentation is ok; it’s very light and I needed to apply a few layers to make the colour show up well. It’s meant to be used to highlight the eyes, lips and cheeks. I’ve swatched it on my hand and although I had to apply a few layers, it’s very pretty on the skin. 


Cetaphil Suntivity SPF50+ Lipsomal Lotion. This is described as a full coverage sunscreen, and the Lipsomal Lotion helps to spread the UV filters across the skin. This is interesting to me, as I’ve never heard of Lipsomal Lotion before. It almost sounds like the lotion helps to thin out the sunscreen, thus making it easier to apply over the face. I’m looking forward to trying this out; I’ve been a long time user of Cetaphil and love how gentle they are on the skin. 

Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner. I was so happy when I saw this in my Bellabox that I almost cheered out loud, which I never do LOL. As the name suggests, it is a gradual tanner that also helps to disguise cellulite. It also smells like coconuts, which is my favourite scent ever. 

Klorane Shampoo with Chamomile. I love Klorane and I’ve sampled a few of their different shampoos through Bellabox. The Chamomile shampoo is free from parabens and silicones and naturally enhances golden tones in the hair. I used this tonight so I’m hoping it works for my hair. 

Eyepro Eye Makeup Pad. When I saw this I had no idea what it was. After reading the information card I discovered it’s used to help create the perfect winged eyeliner and also helps to catch any product fallout. Makeup has been taken to a whole new level now! It’s a great concept though, especially if you love a flawless finish (I’m way too casual for that). 

Bonus: Natralus Australia Intensive Skin Therapy Pure Moisturising Lotion. This is a lovely lotion with paw paw, aloe vera and vitamin E and left my skin feeling so soft and smooth! I’ll use this as a hand cream before bed. 

What did you receive in your January Bellabox? 

xo Roxane

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