My New Year's Resolutions 2017 Edition

I love a new year. It allows us
a fresh start, endless possibilities for the year ahead and a chance to redeem
ourselves. It’s a way for us to reset our thoughts and enter the New Year with
a fresh perspective and positive thoughts, and even though we might fall
off the bandwagon, at least we started the year out on the right foot.

This year I decided to give
myself goals that are attainable and are realistic for me to meet. 

Here are my goals for 2017! 

up my body
. This is
something I have been wanting to do for a long time but didn’t know where to
start. Over the last few months I’ve read up a lot on toning, adding muscle and
staying healthy. One thing that I’ve learnt is that in order to tone up you
must use weights. I always thought weights would add bulk to my frame and make
me look muscly (silly I know but that’s what I thought!). I’ve been lifting
light weights and doing lots of repetitions,
focusing on different parts of my body. 

more positive
. This is a goal that I know a lot of people want to commit to and I’m sure you’ve seen it splashed all over social media but it
is so important. I very easily give into my negative thoughts and find it hard
to push through them. If something happens that upsets me or makes me feel
uncomfortable I hold onto it for days and one negative thought multiplies and I
end up thinking of every single thing in my life that I don’t like, which
pushes me further into a slump. Leading onto the positive thinking
wagon, I’d also like to be able to speak my mind more freely, just so I don’t
hold onto anger and resentment. If something or someone upsets me I will
definitely speak up and let them know that that was out of line.

be so afraid
. Growing
up, I was always a very nervous person. I would think twice before I spoke,
didn’t leave anything to chance and would often say no to an opportunity
because I was scared of making the wrong decision. This has carried over into
my adult life and I don’t want to be afraid anymore. Life is messy, it’s not
something that can be labelled or put into neat filing boxes. This is something
I struggle with daily, as I like order and structure in my life.

my comfort zone and put myself out there more
. I always think of that scene on the HBO show Girls when Hannah is in
an interview and the manager shows her a picture of leaving her
comfort zone: 


Every time I feel like shutting myself off from the world I think
of that and it’s the perfect way to push myself. Some of my plans include
growing my blog, promoting it more and approaching brands to work with. 

Create a structured blogging schedule. I love to blog and I love writing but it’s always a struggle finding the time. One thing I want to do is set aside time each week to work on the blog. I’ve decided to blog three days a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays and one day on the weekend. I also want to have more consistency in terms of what I blog about. The focus is definitely on beauty and I plan to keep it that way however I’d like to add some recipes or everyday tips once a week to break things up and keep it interesting. 

Declutter my life. This is something I want to make into a lifelong habit. I’ve never minded a bit of clutter but I’ve noticed that as I get older I’m becoming more intolerant to it. I’ve started to declutter my house slowly and have already noticed such a difference. I recently cleaned out my wardrobe and culled a whole heap of clothes and shoes which I put on eBay. Next up is my main wardrobe and then I’ll start on my beauty collection (yikes). 

That was a bit more in depth that I’d anticipated, so good on you for reading it until the end! 

What are your goals for the year? 

xo Roxane

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