REVIEW: Beauty Balms: Organic Spa, Dusty Girls, Clinique and Garnier

BB creams are a product that I’ve only recently started to feel comfortable wearing, ever since my skin started to clear up. If you’ve ever suffered from acne or hormonal breakouts, you know just how frustrating it can be to miss out on wearing tinted creams, BB creams and lighter coverage foundations! Simply put, the coverage just doesn’t cut it, especially if you feel insecure or paranoid about showing a bare face in public. This was me for years, and even though I would have preferred to wear little to no makeup, my skin forced me to pack on foundation, concealer and powder to cover every little blemish. These days I can definitely go without makeup (hooray!), only because my skin has cleared up so much. I’m so happy to finally be able to wear a lighter coverage and be comfortable with how my skin looks.

Today I’ll be sharing four of my current BB creams/tinted moisturisers with you, and reviewing each separately. If you have any questions about them please leave a comment below!

From left: Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector in Light, Organic Spa Beauty Balm in Fair, Dusty Girls Natural Tinted Cream ‘Earth Cream’ in Light and Clinique Super City Block SPF30+. 

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector in Light. The Garnier version is a great budget buy. It provides a nice coverage, covers minor flaws and has a pleasant, fresh scent. While I really like this cream, I find that is does feel quite greasy on the face. If you suffer from oily skin this is something you’ll need to take into consideration.

Shade information: The shade Light is a beige based shade that will suit those with a light skin that’s on the neutral side. If you have strong yellow or pink tones this may look slightly too beige on the skin.
Who can use this: All skin types, however if you have oily skin this may feel greasy once applied. 

Organic Spa Beauty Balm in Fair. My favourite of the BB Creams so far. I have been wearing this every weekend and am so happy with the coverage (you can read my full review here. Although it is marketed as a BB cream, I find the coverage is wonderful and covers most flaws on the face. The finish is beautiful and will leave your skin glowing. The only limitation is the shade range. It comes in two shades: Light and Medium, so if you have darker skin you may find these too light. 

Shade information: The Light shade is yellow based and is suitable for girls with a light olive complexion. It suits my skin perfectly and is virtually undectable after application. The Medium shade is a darker version of the Light shade and will suit olive skinned girls.
Who can use this: This will suit most skin types, as the finish is neither matte nor dewy- somewhere in between. If you suffer from irritation I’d highly recommend trying this cream, as it is certified organic and contains lots of natural ingredients.

Dusty Girls Natural Tinted Cream ‘Earth Cream’ in Light SPF5. This is a lovely tinted moisturiser that is nourishing and free from harmful ingredients. The coverage is light and does a good job of covering minor blemishes. It does take a few moments for the product to absorb into the skin, however once blended in the finish is flawless. The shade Light would suit those with quite fair to light skin tones; it appears slightly ashy on my skin. However, I usually buff some bronzer over the top and it looks fine.
Shade information: Light is suited to fair to lighter skin tones, and will suit beige and pink toned skin. If you have yellow undertones it may appear ashy on your skin. 

Who can use this: This will suit most skin types. Once blended in, the Earth Cream looks very natural on the skin.

Clinique Super City Block with SPF30+. This is one I have been using for years, even when I suffered with acne. I would apply this as a base and then layer my foundation over it. The shade is a one type fits all and in saying that, I can’t imagine this working for medium to darker skins. It can even appear slightly chalky on me, and I have a light complexion. Despite the shade limitation, it provides a lovely, soft coverage with a slightly dewy finish. The coverage is sheer but provides enough coverage to blur slight imperfections. It is also suitable for all skin types including sensitive and feels weightless on the skin. 

Shade information: A very light yellow based cream. It does show up quite light on the skin so it may not suit darker skinned gals. I do know that Clinique make an untinted version of the Super City Block so that’s another option. 

Who can use this: Those with very minor blemishes, as the coverage is not strong. It can also be used as a base for foundation or concealer. This will suit all skin types, including sensitive skin.

 From left: Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector in Light, Organic Spa Beauty Balm in Fair, Dusty Girls Natural Tinted Cream ‘Earth Cream’ in Light and Clinique Super City Block SPF30+.

It helps to see the swatches side by side. Starting from the left, we can see the Garnier has a beige undertone, Organic Spa has a yellow/Olive tone, Dusty Girls pulls towards a pink tone and Clinique is yellow toned. 


How the shades look blended out. They all blend well into my skin, however the closest matches are definitely the Organic Spa and the Clinique (second and fourth shades respectively). For some reason the Organic Spa cream looks really yellow on my skin, however I assure you it’s a perfect match when applied to my face! 

If you have any recommendations for BB creams, I’d love to hear them!

xo Roxane.

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