BEAUTY EDIT: Three Body Scrubs to try this Summer

I’ll be honest. I am not the hugest fan of summer. While the warm weather does have its perks, I much prefer bundling up and feeling cozy during winter to sweating under the summer heat as soon as I step out of the door.  But one thing I do love? All of the fun body products designed to leave your skin soft, smooth and glowing (along with having a tan for three months, good walking weather and balmy nights out).

I recently added some new body exfoliators to my collection, and now that I’ve tried all three I am excited to bring you my review!

Eco by Sonia Driver Pink Hamalayan Salt Scrub. This is a scrub I had been dying to try for months because I am a huge fan of Eco Tan and love all of the products from their range. This salt based scrub contains lemongrass, coconut oil as well as a range of other natural ingredients. It is also Australian owned and made, vegan, organic and totally against animal testing. So what did I think of the scrub? Firstly, it has an amazing scent; if you like lemongrass you’ll definitely love this. It is a grainy scrub but also very gentle; the salt particles are really small so it’s not an abrasive scrub at all. I can imagine this scrub would work for most people, regardless of skin type. If I had read the instructions prior to using it, I would have known to apply it to dry skin before showering. Silly me applied it in the shower on wet skin so while it did a nice job of exfoliating my skin, it’s designed to be used on dry skin. I can see why. The scrub does not foam; it is more dry so it removes dead skin really, really well.
My verdict: This was my favourite scrub for removing dry skin. It struck a nice balance between giving a great exfoliation without the abrasiveness.

Yuva Vanilla Coffee Scrub. I used Yuva skincare years ago and loved it. Recently I had the chance to try out some of their body products; this Vanilla Coffee scrub being one of them. Coffee scrubs seem to be everywhere at the moment, and are known to reduce cellulite, remove dry skin and to help soften the skin. I used this scrub in the shower because it is incredibly messy, and after massaging onto my skin, I left it on for a few minutes before showering. My skin did feel tingly after scrubbing however this subsided after a few minutes (and was probably due to my over enthusiastic scrubbing!). After washing the scrub off, my skin felt incredibly smooth, and the oils in the scrub kept the skin moisturised so I didn’t need to apply body lotion afterwards. This scrub is on the grainy side so if you prefer something a bit more gentle you may need to use a light hand when exfoliating.
My verdict: I do love a coffee scrub, and this was a great one to try. I like now moisturised my skin felt afterwards and while it was quite grainy, it did a good job of removing dry skin, especially around my feet and legs.

Belle Botanicals Revitalising Body Scrub. Belle Botanicals is a brand that I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying and I am already a huge fan. I’ve tried out a couple of their products (you can read my review of the Dragons Blood Face Mask here ) and love how gentle yet effective they are on the skin. The Revitalising Body Scrub is no exception. It is a beautifully scented scrub that is really soothing on the skin. I applied this to damp skin and it felt so luxurious; it has that decadent feeling that a lot of high end beauty spas use. My skin was left feeling very smooth afterwards, with no irritation. I applied a moisturiser afterwards (the Belle Bontanicals Chocolate Body Butter, another new favourite!) and my skin stayed smooth for hours!
My verdict: This is a scrub I’d reach for when I am in need of a gentle exfoliation. I am in love with the beautiful scent (I can’t stop sniffing it) and how luxurious it feels on the skin. It’s definitely not an abrasive scrub, so if you prefer something more on the gentle side I highly recommend trying this out!

What are some of your favourite body scrubs? I am always on the lookout for something new so please let me know in the comments below!

xo Roxane

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