BEAUTY EDIT: What I always carry in my handbag


Like most
girls, my bag is jam packed full of things that I carry ‘just in case’. I am like
a little granny in that sense; my friends always come to me for a spare tissue or a breath mint. I hate to be unprepared and have even been known to carry spare snacks on me, just in case hunger strikes!  

During the working week I carry a lot more stuff around with me, such as lunch, a book and all the other typical bit and bobs. On weekends I prefer to travel light and will often pack a smaller bag with only the bare essentials. I thought I’d do a quick round up of the products I carry with me at all times, regardless of where I’m going. 


Tissues. I carry tissues everywhere with me because I suffer from sinus. I
like the small packets from the Asian grocery stores as I find them softer and
more compact. Daiso also have some good ones.  

Face or baby wipes.
A godsend for me. I use them for so many things, like wiping my hands, refreshing my face, in case I spill something etc. They are also perfect for plane travel to remove makeup or freshen up. Literally so many uses!

Hand sanitizer.
Also a must have for a germaphobe like me. I am always washing my hands
throughout the day and when I can’t get to a bathroom I use hand sanitizers
instead. They are also perfect for travel.

Mints. I
like the chewy versions in mint or spearmint. Always a good idea to have on
hand, especially if you’re always meeting with people at work etc.

Something I never leave home without. I cannot stand dry lips and always have a few on hand. The one I’m currently using is by Natio which is amazing.

For months I wanted the Tangle Teezer but didn’t want to spend $30. I found a
cheaper version by Lady Jayne and its compact size makes it perfect to carry around. 

Bobby pins. Is it just me or do bobby pins always mysteriously disappear? I bought a huge container of them years ago and I’m not even a quarter of the way through. They are perfect for pinning back unruly hair, helping to hold up an up do, bun etc. I always have a few stashed away. 


What are some of your handbag essentials? 

xo Roxane.

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