REVIEW: Body Moisturisers

With so many different body moisturisers on the market, it can be a bit hard trying to find the right one for your skin. I’ve recently been trying out some new moisturisers which I’ve put to the test. Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts about each one, so I hope you find this helpful!

Belle Botanicals Body Butter in Chocolate. This is an incredibly moisturising body butter that keeps the skin hydrated for hours. It is enriched with butters and oils, making it perfect for those of us who suffer from dry, itchy skin. Plus, the cocoa buttery chocolate scent is incredible! I’ve been using this most days on my dry skin and it really helps to relive the itch! Belle Botanicals create beautiful, natural based products that are incredibly gentle on the skin. If you suffer from sensitive skin I highly recommend trying out this range, you will not be disappointed. 

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter. This clean smelling body butter is a light, hydrating moisturiser which absorbs easily into the skin. It has a light, whipped texture which makes it perfect for the warmer months. It also contains shea butter and aloe vera to help soften the skin. I’ve been using this on my legs and it does a really nice job of hydrating the skin without feeling sticky.  

Yuva Silkifying Body Lotion.
This lotion by Yuva is light, hydrating and smells incredible. It contains lots of yummy oils and butters to help soften, hydrate and revitalise the skin. Yuva is one of my favourite Australian skincare brands as they use natural based ingredients, are Australian made and are cruelty free. I like using this as an all over body moisture as it’s easily adsorbed and leaves my skin lightly scented. 

Zoella Beauty Double Cream Body Cream.
 I originally bought this as a Christmas present for someone but it sounded too good not to keep for myself! This is a rich, luxurious body cream that deeply hydrates the skin. It has a soft vanilla scent that makes me think of baking cookies in the oven- yum! I really love the Zoella Beauty range for its cute packaging and products that smell good enough to eat. 

I find that the Belle Botanicals Body Butter is great for leaving skin moisturised all day and also helps to relieve itchy, dry skin. The Yuva Silkifying Body Lotion and the Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter are great for warmer months when you need to moisturise but don’t want any of that residue leftover on the skin. The Zoella Double Creme makes a great winter moisturiser as it has a warm, cosy scent and deeply moisturises the skin.

What are some of your favourite moisturisers?

xo Roxane.

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