REVIEW: Milky Foot- does it work?

Milky Foot is like a chemical peel for the feet. It aims to remove hardened skin, soften and moisturise the feet, thanks to an intense exfoliation and a hard working formula that includes almond-based mandelic acid. The process is simple and does not require any manual sloughing or filing- simply pop the sock-like pads on, wait 45-60 minutes and after seven days of peeling feet will be left soft and silky. 

Today I’ll be sharing my experience of using Milky Foot with you. You’ll notice a lack of photos- I wasn’t brave enough to share photos of my feet. But I’ve tried to be as descriptive as possible, and as honest as possible so I hope you find this helpful. 

So does it work? Yes, to an extent. It did soften my feet and help with some of the hardened skin around my heels (although it didn’t get rid if it completely). It’s a unique treatment and not having to do any manual exfoliating or scrubbing is a a major advantage. I kept a diary style account every day so if you’re thinking of using Milky Foot you’ll know a little of what you expect (although it may vary from person to person). 

Day I. I decided to bite the bullet and try Milky Foot. The instructions were relatively easy; simply cut along the dotted line of each bootie, slip your feet in between
the fabric piece and tighten the tabs around your ankle to keep it in place. 
I secured the booties in place by wearing my socks over them. The booties are filled with a liquid solution, so it was definitely a weird experience, kind of like walking on something squishy
in the ocean. I did
have a slight moment of panic when I thought my feet would dissolve completely,
but alas, that did not happen. After soaking for an hour, I rinsed my feet
and moisturized them with a foot cream.

Day 2-4. Nothing has changed. 

Day 5. While having a shower at night I felt something under my feet. I checked and saw that my skin had started to peel away from the skin. After a moment of feeling completely grossed out, I gently rubbed my feet using my hands and the skin came away easily. There was no pain at all. There was some skin that wasn’t ready to peel so I left that alone.  

Day 6. Massive amounts of peeling today. I discovered that the easiest place to remove the skin was while I was in the shower, as the heat and warm water loosened it. 

Day 7. The peeling has subsided. My toes have now started to peel and it looks like the worst is behind me. Melbourne is so hot today but wearing sandals is out of the question; my feet look like they’ve been through a cheese grater. 

Day 8. My feet are looking semi normal now. While skin is still peeling from the soles of my feet, it has definitely subsided, just in time for the weekend. While I was in the shower I gently exfoliated my feet with a pumice stone which made a huge difference. 

Day 9. There is now peeling on the sides and at the top of my feet. Being summer, there is only so much sneaker wearing I can take until my feet stop peeling. 

Day 10. The treatment has come to an end. The bottom of my feet are pretty soft but my heels are still calloused. 

Overall, I found Milky Foot to be an effective treatment. It did a good job of softening my feet, although it didn’t completely remove the hard skin around my heels. Milky Foot recommend a second application if callouses aren’t removed the first time around, so I might try another application (although I will wait until summer is over). 

I’d recommend this treatment if your feet need a bit of TLC, but keep in mind it is quite a long process so make sure you don’t have anything planned for at least a week. I’d also suggest using it during the colder months; I found it a bit hard during summer because I had to wear shoes that didn’t expose my feet as much. 

Have you tried Milky Foot? 

xo Roxane 

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