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I recently added some new haircare products and accessories to my collection as my usual products just weren’t cutting it. Up until recently, I never really invested much time or money into haircare as my hair was pretty low maintenance; it’s naturally straight and easy to deal with. However, lately my hair has become quite dry and frizzy, and it’s not as manageable as it once was. I decided to try out some new products to see if I could restore it back to its former glory (tee he he), as there’s only so much ponytail wearing one can take! 


Keep reading to find out what products I’ve been using!  


Essano Argan Oil of Morocco Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner Haircare Duo Pack. After seeing Essano all over social media I decided to purchase this travel pack to try out. The duo is comprised of a travel sized Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner and is targeted towards dry and damaged hair. It’s also sulphate free and the majority of its ingredients are naturally derived. While the products did a nice job of softening and adding moisture to my hair, it was slightly too gentle to make a noticeable difference to my dry hair, especially the conditioner. However, in saying that, I’d most likely repurchase the shampoo  in a full size as it would make a great gentle, daily shampoo. 

Price: I paid around $7 from Chemist Warehouse. 


Kardashian Beauty K-Body Volume Foam with Black Seed Oil. I was after a volumising product as my hair tends to fall flat easily and decided to pick this up. The Kardashians are known for their gravity defying hair and this product did not disappoint. I apply a full pump to the roots of my hair, rub it in and blast with a hair dryer. Afterwards, my hair is left with some serious volume. I highly recommend this product if you’re after great volume; I promise you won’t be disappointed! I also like the fact that it doesn’t leave my hair sticky or greasy; the finish is quite matte so the hair looks really natural, as if you just woke up with natural volume. 


Bouncy ponytail. Here I’ve applied the K-Body Volume Foam to my damp hair from the roots to mid ends and dried using my blow dryer. I then curled my hair using my Halo hair straightener. This ponytail lasted for two days which is great considering how heavy my hair is. 


I’ve simply straightened my hair after applying the K-Body Volume Foam. It left my hair with lots of natural volume that didn’t fall flat. 

Marc Daniels Ultra Moisture Hydration Therapy Conditioner. This was hands down my favourite haircare product. Firstly, I paid around $7 for it; you can’t beat a good bargain! This conditioner is targeted towards thick, dry and course hair and it did a fantastic job of softening my hair and making it more manageable. 
I apply a decent sized amount from ear length down to the ends and my hair is left much softer and smoother. I noticed a considerable difference after using this on my hair; my ends were much softer and I had less frizz, especially towards the ends of my hair. 

One possible downside is its strong chemical-like smell; this doesn’t bother me however it may if you’re sensitive to scents that are on the stronger side. Overall, this is a great product to use and I highly recommend checking the Marc Daniels range out. 

Price: I paid around $7 from Chemist Warehouse. 

Handbag Hair Essentials by Capelli Accessories. I purchased this pack purely because it was gold and adorable. I’m happy to report that these hair ties and clips are actually really good quality, especially the hair ties which do a great job of holding my thick, heavy hair up! This is a great pack to throw into your handbag or to pack for traveling, as it contains everything you’d need for any hair style. Plus, you just can’t go wrong with gold coloured hair accessories! 
Price: around $6 from Chemist Warehouse. It also comes in pink and black. 

Klorane Shampoo and Conditioning Balm with Flax Fibre. This range from Klorane is targeted towards fine, limp hair and helps to add volume, detangle and thicken hair. The shampoo did a nice job of adding some volume, especially to the roots of my hair. My hair also felt stronger after use. The conditioner is different to anything I’ve used before; first of all, it’s a clear formula and secondly, it’s not your typical ‘moisturising’ conditioner. It’s designed for flat, limp hair so it’s incredibly lightweight and doesn’t really add any heavy hydration to the hair, which is perfect for flat hair. If your hair is really fine and in need of a bit of a volume boost, I’d say this range would work really well for you. 

Price: $10 each from Chemist Warehouse.

What are some of your must have hair products? 

xo Roxane

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