My Secret Beauty Hacks

Beauty hacks. We all have them, even if you don’t think you do. It’s those beauty shortcuts that don’t require much effort but always leave you feeling great. Today I’ll be sharing some of my secret beauty hacks with you, and although they’re hardly ground-breaking, I guarantee that they’ll make all the difference to the way you look and feel! These tricks are perfect when you are feeling blah or flat and need something to brighten up your looks.
Keep reading to find out what beauty hacks I use! 

Apply a self-tanner before bed. This is probably the best piece
of advice you could ever follow. It sounds silly, but having a subtle glow
makes you feel so much better about yourself. I normally apply a light layer of
self-tanner on Thursday nights and will top it up on my face a few days later
as that’s the area that fades the fastest. My favourite brands are St Tropez, Xen Tan and most recently, 
Le Tan (great quality for a fraction of the price). 

Using a face mask before makeup makes a huge difference. Before a big
night, I like to put aside ten minutes for a quick facial mask. I find that is
gives the skin a nice glow and my makeup applies better too. I’ve been using the Dragon’s Blood Facial Mask by Belle Botanicals lately, which leaves my skin hydrated and plump (read my full review here). 

A nude polish on nails keeps you looking, well, polished! Bright
colours are fun but not when they start to chip. A soft pink or nude shade is
perfect for everyday wear and isn’t as noticeable when they start to chip. Plus neutral shades work with any outfit. O.P.I. have a great range of nude shades, or try Sienna Byron Bay for some vegan polishes. 

Fill in your eyebrows. Eyebrows have become huge over the last few years and there are
so many products designed to keep them maintained so there’s really no excuse! Filling in and defining your eyebrows makes a huge difference to your face; it instantly polishes your look and you can get away with wearing less makeup. 
For a precise line try using one of the pencils from House of Horous. To fill
in gaps or to bold them up, Benefit Gimme Brow is great and a personal favourite of mine. 

When in doubt, wash your hair. How much better do you feel when
you have clean hair? I know I do, and that’s why I try to wash my hair every second day, as I absolutely hate that oily hair feeling! For those times when you simply have no time to wash your hair, dry shampoo is your saviour. I like Tresemme and the original, Batiste. 

A swipe of lipstick instantly pulls your look together. A rosy,
brown toned shade suits almost everyone and makes you look a bit more ‘done’,
even when you’re just in sweats and joggers. My favourites are Hue by MAC and the Rosehip Lipbar Lipstick in Nude by Ere Perez (the perfect pink with just the right amount of brown). 

Using a highlighter/blush makes you look instantly awake. This is my ultimate secret for the days I wake up looking a bit flat. A few dabs onto the cheeks
and nose makes you look more alive and fresh. I use the cream highlighter from
Ere Perez in Sun Halo, and have recently been absolutely loving the Too Faced Peach Infused Blush (full review 

For a natural glow, skip the setting powder. This sounds
like a beauty no no, but while setting your makeup with powder is great for
longevity, it can make your face look a bit flat. Instead I like to take a big
fluffy brush and swipe a light bronzer over the skin. This acts like a setting
powder, except the warmth of the bronzer helps to warm the skin up and stop it appearing flat. I’ve been using the MAC Matte Bronze Bronzing Powder lately, which is perfect for my light skin tone. 

A face mist is my secret weapon. A face mist can be used in so
many ways: during travel to replace moisture, to ‘unfix’ makeup, to add extra
hydration and cool the face down during the warmer months. The number one way I
use a face mist is directly after I apply makeup, I mist over my face about
three or four times. This helps to soften the makeup and make
it appear a bit
more natural. My favourite is the Toner by Organic Spa, which instantly refreshes my skin. 

Do you have any secret beauty tricks up your sleeve? 

xo Roxane

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