Blogger Mail #1

Being a
beauty blogger, I am fortunate to receive products and services from time to
time. I do love watching other bloggers and vloggers post about their PR hauls
and unboxing so I thought I’d do the same! Let me know if you enjoy these types
of posts and I’ll try to put some more up if you do!


1000 Hour Instant Brows in Clear. This is an eyebrow gel that helps to define and set the brow. It is also long lasting and holds the shape of the brow in place. 1000 Hour is a brand that I have used in the past and have found to be good quality at a really affordable price. I’m looking forward to trying this out and setting my unruly brows into place. 

Hair Towel Wrap by Freestyler. The Hair Towel Wrap is designed to dry the hair in a simple and convenient way. I actually have a couple of these hair wraps already and have used them since my teens. They are the absolute best for drying hair quickly! They are especially effective if you have long or thick hair as it dramatically cuts down your drying time (I speak from experience). I received mine in the large size (which has nothing to do with the size of your head like I originally thought LOL). I’m really happy to add another hair wrap to my collection, as I use them so frequently and always have one in rotation. 

Detangler brush by Freestyler. The Detangler is designed to gently detangle the hair, smooth away frizz and fly aways, is gentle on the hair and scalp and is suited to all hair types. I actually don’t own a detanging brush so I’m looking forward to trying this out. My hair is prone to breaking, especially when it’s wet so I need something that will detangle gently. The bristles on this brush seem to be quite gentle yet firm so I’m confident it will work on my hair. 



The last package contained the beautiful 10 piece Lush Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brushes by Simple Glam Girls. You might remember the rose gold oval brushes that were all over Instagram awhile ago, which were the brushes to have (by a different company). I almost bought a set but couldn’t quite justify the price (they were super expensive). This brush set by Simple Glam Girls is much more affordable and just as high quality. The set includes ten brushes with black handles and rose gold heads and besides looking so girly and glamorous, they actually give the skin a really flawless finish! I’ve only used the face brushes so far and they are probably the softest brush I’ve ever used on my face. It did take some getting used to with the spoonlike handle, but after a while I was a pro. They are a luxurious set of brushes and look so chic on my bathroom cabinet. I plan to put up a full post once I have tested them all out. 

So there you have it! I really hope you enjoyed this post and all of my new beauty additions. 

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check my Instagram  (@roxanepapa) soon for a giveaway of a brand new set of the 10 piece Lush Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brushes by Simple Glam Girls! 

xo Roxane

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