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When it
comes to makeup and skin products, I am a bit of a hoarder. I find it hard to
throw anything away, especially if it’s a product that I’ve spent a bit of
money on. Over the weekend, I had a quick clean out of my makeup organizer and
got rid of quite a few things; sometimes you just need to be ruthless. I came
across some items that I forgot I had (*hangs head in shame*), and have decided
to use up what I have instead of buying new products. Well, at least for the
time being…

If you keep
reading until the end, you’ll come across some tips for decluttering your
makeup collection. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, and I find
the best way to sort through clutter is to do it in stages. This is just what works for me, as I tend to get overwhelmed easily! 


The first
item I came across was my
Z Palette. I decided a couple of years to depot all
of my MAC and Urban Decay eye shadows because I figured that I’d use them more.
And I did for awhile, but then I bought my Naked 2 Palette and the rest as they
say is history…I forgot how pigmented the Urban Decay eye shadows are and
actually used them when going out for dinner on Saturday night. I was planning on placing a Makeup Geek order but I might hold off for now and try to get some use out of these eye shadows.

Lacome Le Crayon Khol
eyeliner. This was part of a duty free sampler pack and while I rarely wear eyeliner, it’s
definitely a product that is handy to have around. The formula of this is
pretty good and the best part is, it doesn’t smudge after a night out.

Lipstick in 08
. I absolutely love the formula of Sephora lipsticks and reached for
this on a day trip on Sunday. This lipstick is a peachy frost shade and is really
pretty for the daytime. Now that we have a Sephora in Melbourne I can pick up
a couple of more shades.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. This was my favourite lipstick for years and I’d always repurchase it, along with the Almost Makeup foundation by Clinique (before it was discontinued). It is the most natural ‘my lips but better’ lipstick I own and is so moisturising on the lips. I like how it can be built up to a vampy look, perfect for the nighttime. It’s definitely a lipstick that I’ll reach for more often. 

Ere Perez Versatile Vanilla Highlighter in Sun Halo. You may remember my Ere Perez addiction from a couple of years back. This highlighter in Sun Halo was my go to highlighter for months, because it gave my
skin such a beautiful glow. I reached for this on Saturday night and the top
has hardened slightly; I haven’t used it in months so I might just need to
scrape the top layer off. The colour also seemed a bit darker than I remember
but I still love the dewy look it gives the skin.

Tips for
: These tips are really simple and  perfect if you tend to get overwhelmed by ‘stuff’ easily. It really helps to break it down into steps as it’s more manageable and not as daunting. Anyway, I hope these help you and if you have any tips of your own please share below! 

Check the
expiry date
. This is the deal breaker when getting rid of makeup clutter. If
the product has expired, bin it. This will help so much during the decluttering
process and knowing a product has expired will remove any emotional attachment
you might have with the product.

Split the
products into groups
. I make three piles. One is to throw/give away, one is
maybe and the other is definitely keep. This is when you’ll need to be ruthless
and really think about whether or not you need it.

Take the
maybe pile and add it to your everyday makeup stash
. If you find yourself reaching
for the product on a regular basis, it’s a product that you know you’ll use. If
you find it collecting dust, bin it (or pass it on to someone).

I normally try to have a clean out of my
makeup collection about every 6 months. This keeps my collection current and
fresh, and is a great way to keep my products in rotation.

Thanks for
reading, and if you have any comments/thoughts, I’d love you to leave them

xo Roxane

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