Blogger Mail #2


It’s been awhile
since I did this type of fun, unstructured post. Today I’ll be sharing with you
some of the packages I’ve received from PR companies and beauty brands and
while it’s not a whole lot (compared to other bloggers, that is), I thought
it’d be fun to share with you all. I always turn to beauty blogs to read about
new product launches, so I hope this can be an informative post for you. 


EcoTools Full Powder Brush and Perfecting Blender Duo. EcoTools recently launched a new eco-friendly line and I was lucky enough to
receive some goodies to try out. The Full Powder Brush is probably the softest, most
luxurious brush I’ve ever tried and it does an amazing job of applying powder
to the face. It boasts a staggering 70,000 bristles, is handcrafted and 100% vegan. I was really excited to receive the Perfecting Blender Duo as I’d never
tried a makeup blender before. I understand the fuss now- they applied my foundation
like a dream. These blenders can be used either wet or dry, are both latex free and also 100% vegan. I did find that it didn’t spread my thicker foundations as well,
such as the Laura Mercier Photo Finish Silk Crème Moisturising foundation, so I
think it’s best suited to runnier foundations. 


The Natural Deodorant products. After buying The Natural
Deodorant’s deodorant in Lavender and Tea Tree last year, I became a huge fan
and it has replaced my previous deodorant of choice (Nivea Pearl which I wore
for years). After posting my review, The Natural Deodorant reached out to me
and asked if I’d be interested in trying some of their other products. You can
bet your bottom dollar that I was, and I received a very generous bag of
goodies. You can read the full review here, but to sum it up, all of the
products I tried are amazing and I know I’ll definitely repurchase a few, such
as The Natural Body Butter in Rose and the Natural Face Oil in Ylang Ylang (which has really helped to clear my skin up). If you are after beautifully scented, natural products I highly,
highly recommend this brand. It’s nice to have the chance to try out products
that you genuinely love, and that’s exactly what happened in this case. I also
find that natural based products almost always help treat problem skin, so if
you suffer from breakouts, give this brand a go.


Bathefex Epsom Salt Soap Bar. This was a bit of a random product to
receive but seeing as I love anything bath and body related I was super happy
to receive it. It’s essentially a daily cleansing bar containing lavender, Epsom salts, Vitamin E and Shea Butter to ensure a relaxing and invigorating bath session. I normally tend to use
liquid body cleansers in the shower so this is a nice way to ease back into
using soap bars again. 



Black Box Australia. This is a subscription box that I
signed up to recently. If you become eligible, Black Box will send you a
package of household goodies to try out and review for free. This is my second
box and I’m a huge fan as it allows you to try out products that you ordinarily
might not purchase yourself. This month’s box included my absolute favourite
snack, the Tasti Berry protein balls which are so delicious, Colgate Whitening
toothpaste (perfect for travel), Belvita breakfast biscuits, Nivea body lotion
and a whole lot more. 

So that’s it from me! I took a short break from blogging as I felt I had nothing valuable to write about, but I’m back and have a whole bunch of posts lined up. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for my next post which will be a bit of a life catch up. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

xo Roxane.

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