May Bellabox

The May Bellabox packed a treat, so let’s just jump right in shall we?

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss. Bellabox gave their subscribers the chance to pick their preferred shade prior to receiving the box which is awesome. I picked number 38, which is a lovely soft pink shade. The formula is really creamy and when I swatched it on my hand, it applied smoothly with a beautiful colour payoff. I own a couple of Rimmel lipsticks and find the quality to be really great and comparable to higher end lipsticks.

Sukin Australia Chia Seed Oil. I was so excited when I saw this in my box. Sukin are an Australian company who create cruelty free, vegan skincare products, all made in Australia. I am a big fan of Chia Seed Oil and face oils in general so this is a product that I know I’ll use. I’ve been adding this to my nighttime routine and it gives the skin a really lovely glow without feeling too oily on the face.

Nivea Creme Mini Tin. You can never go wrong with a tin of trusty old Nivea can you? This is a really cute compact of the world famous Nivea creme and will be perfect for the handbag.

Goldwell Dualsenses Just Smooth 6 Effects Serum. I rarely use serums in my hair as they tend to weight my already- heavy hair down. However, with the arrival of winter my hair has frizzed up and has generally been hard to manage. I tested out this serum in my hair and oh my goodness, it made such a difference. The hair looked smoother, more tame and manageable. I only apply a small amount but that’s all that is needed. This serum is targeted towards flyaway, unmanageable hair and I can personally attest that is does work. It also doubles as a leave in treatment, which makes it even easier to use.

Nutraplus Intensive Anti Dryness Lotion. This lotion is targeted towards dehydrated skin and help to restore the skin’s natural barrier. It’s a great lotion to use during the cold Melbourne days, and it keeps the skin feeling moisturised.

Bonus: Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Volume Filling Pearls. This is a sample size of Nivea’s skin serum which aims to increase skin volume (this giving it a plump effect), refine the skin contours, give a lifted appearance and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The product contains tiny micro balls that dissolve to activate the serum which is an interesting idea. I don’t use a serum on my skin at the moment, however it is a product that I’ll need to invest in now that I am getting older. I’ll give this a go and see if it’s a success.

Bellabox took special care to curate their box for winter, which is greatly appreciated! Every single product will be put to use, which is exactly what you’d want from a subscription box.

What did you receive this month?

xo Roxane. 

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