BEAUTY EDIT: August 2017 Product Round Up

Hello beauties and welcome back to another monthly product round up! I can’t believe August has come and gone. Between work, family commitments and the general day to day madness of life, each day seems to just fly by. I’ve got a few things coming up, such as Matthew’s birthday dinner/drinks (which I am so excited about as I haven’t had a big night out in over a year), catch ups with friends and of course planning my upcoming trip to America. If you are interested in knowing details on where I’ll be going and what I’ll be doing on my USA trip let me know! I would love to write a post up about the process. 

I didn’t buy too many new products in the month of August (I figured I’d save that for my trip), so this month’s round up is a little on the short side! I’ve been lucky enough to be sent some products for review so that gave me even more reason not to buy anything new. I do however plan to make some purchases from brands that I haven’t tried before and am also looking into signing up to a new beauty box. I am not sure whether I’ll stay with Bellabox; as much as I love it, I feel ready for a change. If anyone can recommend a beauty subscription box please let me know! 

Ok, so let’s get to the products that I used during August! 

Moo Goo Cow
Lick Lip Balm
There are two things I look for in a lip balm; one, it has to be really hydrating as my lips gets dry really quickly, and two, it has to keep my lips soft and smooth. After trialling a few new lip balms over the last few months, nothing really jumped out at me. I picked up this Moo Goo Cow Lick balm from a pharmacy and am so glad I did as it is AMAZING! Like all of the Moo Goo products, it is deeply hydrating and very nourishing. It’s a lip balm that you don’t need to reapply every few minutes; a few coats a day keeps them soft and moist. Also, all of the ingredients in the lip balm are edible, making it a totally safe product to apply! If you are in the market for a new lip balm, I highly recommend trying this one out. 

Organic Spa Cream Mask. This is a deeply hydrating face mask that can either be left on and washed off, or kept on overnight as a leave in treatment. I use it most nights as a leave in mask (over my moisturiser) and I always wake up with softer and dewy skin in the morning. It’s a great mask to use if your skin is dehydrated or just needs some extra moisture. You can read my full review here

Typo Hand
Cream in Island Coconut
. I am forever moisturising my hands, and this year has
been the worst in terms of dryness. This Typo Hand Cream is a softening hand cream that leaves hands feeling smooth, however I wouldn’t recommend it for extremely dry skin. I found that it didn’t offer very much hydration and my hands still felt dry after application. Nonetheless, it’s a nice hand cream to keep in your handbag
for a top up during the day. 

Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss in Subtil. Ahh my new love. I received a Chanel gift card from a lovely friend for my birthday and over the weekend decided it was time to use it. I went into Chanel not really knowing what to pick, and after sampling a few products decided to select a lip gloss as my favourite ELF gloss had just run out. After debating between an apricot shade and a glittery red, I ultimately decided to pick the peach shade called Subtil. It is THE best lip gloss I have ever used, and not just because it is Chanel. The shade itself is gorgeous; it’s a soft apricot colour with very fine flecks of gold shimmer throughout. What I love most about it is the formula. It’s not too thick or thin, and glides perfectly over the lips. The wand is contoured to fit the shape of the lip, so application is a dream. It makes my lips look plump and full, and the formula is very comfortable on the lips; it does not feel sticky or tacky in any way. At $50 each, these glosses  are quite expensive and definitely considered more of a treat than anything else, however the formula is amazing and well worth the price in my opinion. I will definitely purchase some of these bad boys on my America trip as they are just so good. 

Mecca Max Life Proof Longwear Foundation in Peach. If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you may know my love for the Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation. It is a foundation that I have repurchased many, many times and nothing has quite come as close to it. While in Mecca over the weekend (gift card in hand), I went looking for a new foundation and after trialling the Too Faced Born This Way (which just looked powdery and flat on me) I was introduced to the new Mecca Max Longwear Foundation. I was matched to the shade Peach, which is the absolute perfect match to my skin tone. This foundation is seriously good. It is long wearing, medium to full coverage (which is buildable) and looks very natural on the skin (while still giving a slight dewy look). I have been wearing this foundation everyday to work and it does an amazing job of covering any minor flaws and evening out my skin. While the finish is not as dewy as the Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation, it is still a great foundation and for $32, it’s a very affordable alternative. 

That rounds up the products I used throughout August! I have been making more of an effort to use up my current products before making any new purchases, so most of the products listed above were either gifted to me (either by a friend or brand) or purchased using gift cards. Plus, I am planning to pick up a few items from America, so I’d rather wait until my holiday to splurge!

What products have you been loving lately? 

xo Roxane. 

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