REVIEW: Organic Spa Skincare

Organic Spa is a luxury certified organic and
vegan skincare range that is developed out of beautiful Byron Bay, Australia.
All of their products are 100% naturally derived, cruelty free and ingredients
are locally sourced (where possible). 

Today I will be reviewing some Organic Spa
products and sharing my thoughts with you. If you’re a long time reader of this
blog, you’ll know that I absolutely love Organic Spa products. The majority of
my skincare routine is made up of Organic Spa and I believe this has helped to
normalise my skin and kept it acne free for the past two years. 

Without further ado, let’s get to the review! 

Organic Spa Foam Cleanser*. This is a soap free cleanser that removes dirt and sebum
from the face without stripping any natural oils from the face. The formula is
infused with plant extracts and sweet citrus essential oils, which gives it
that trademark Organic Spa scent. It contains Witch Hazel, known for its
purifying properties, along with Oak Bark extracts which acts as an astringent
(perfect for oily skin). This cleanser is targeted towards oily, normal and
combination skins so is perfect for those who suffer from oilier, acne prone
skin types.

My review:
I had previously used the Organic Spa Cream Cleanser so I was curious to see
how the Foam Cleanser would compare. I decided to test this out on a work night
and see how it would go with removing my makeup (i.e. slightly heavier than
usual). I applied one pump to dampened skin and gently massaged it over my
face. To my surprise, it removed all of my makeup- even heavy mascara- with
ease. Afterwards, my skin felt very clean and soft and ready for the next step
of my skincare routine. I actually loved this cleanser, more than I thought I
would. I typically use creamier cleansers as I like that extra bit of moisture
yet I found the Foam Cleanser to be hydrating which was awesome!

Organic Spa Biohydra+ Serum*. This serum is from
the brand’s Organicsceuticals range, which is formulated for mature skins. The
Biohydra+ Serum works to replenish dry skin, provide key nutrients and help to
plump up the skin. This serum is targeted towards normal, dry, mature and
dehydrated skins.

My review:
Serum is a product that I use on and off, however now that I am getting older
it’s definitely something I need to use more consistently. I’ve used this serum
for a few days now and have noticed a noticeable difference to my skin. My skin
is softer, and the texture is finer- the surface of my skin looks more even
toned. My skin tends to get dehydrated a lot, so I am hoping with continued use
this serum will help to hydrate and plump the skin up. I have been applying one
pump per night to freshly washed skin, and my skin just seems to drink it up.
The serum is very easily absorbed which I was surprised with as I was expecting
it to be oilier/more heavier (like serums typically are). So far I am really
loving this serum and plan to make it a regular part of my skincare routine.

Organic Spa Cream Mask*. This face mask is targeted towards dry, dehydrated and
thirsty skin and aims to put moisture back into the skin thanks to ingredients
like shea and cocoa butter. It is a mask that can either be applied and washed
off or left on overnight for deeper hydration. The mask contains 100% naturally
derived ingredients and is 91% certified organic.

My review:
When I found out this mask could be left on overnight I was so excited to try
it. I absolutely love overnight style masks, especially because my skin tends
to feel dry and tight. I applied this to my face before bed and I knew right
away that this mask would become a new favourite product for me. The formula
feels incredibly moisturising on the skin, the scent is amazing and my skin
felt very soothed as soon as I applied it. I’ve been waking up each morning
with softer skin and my face has a glow that wasn’t there before. This is
definitely a product that I will continue to purchase and use.

Organic Spa Moisture Rich*. This is a moisturiser targeted towards mature and dry
skins and delivers maximum hydration. It contains rose hip oil, cocoa butter
and hyaluronic acid to replenish and rejuvenate tired, parched skin. Like all
of the Organic Spa products, it contains 100% naturally derived ingredients and
is 89% certified organic. I love how specific the percentages are; to me this
shows how honest Organic Spa are to their customers.

My review:
I have actually bought and used the Moisture Rich moisturiser before and
planned to buy it recently, however the salon was out of stock so I bought my
usual Day Moisture. Needless to say, I was happy to see this included in the
package! The Moisture Rich was just as good as I remembered and especially
great for the winter months we are currently experiencing. The moisturiser is
heavier than the Day Moisture (as expected) and it does a wonderful job of
hydrating my skin so it loses that tight, dry feeling. I have been applying
this moisturiser over the Biohydra+ Serum at night and it is the perfect
combination; my skin is left feeling hydrated and soft afterwards. I absolutely
love this moisturiser, especially when I feel like my skin needs the extra

It is no surprise that I loved all of the Organic
Spa products that were sent to me. It’s a brand whose products I feel have
normalised my skin, to the point where I finally feel comfortable enough to leave the house without makeup. Most of my daily skincare is made up of Organic Spa for
the simple fact that is works really well. As a beauty addict I am always
looking for the next best thing, yet Organic Spa is a brand that I am very
content with and do not plan to change anytime soon.

Have you tried any products from Organic Spa? What
did you think?

xo Roxane.

*Thank you to Organic Spa for collaborating
with A Beauty Wanderer! All products were kindly gifted for consideration,
however this does not impact on my
review or thoughts and all opinions remain
100% my own.

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