REVIEW: The Turnaround range by Clinique

Do you ever feel like your skin is lacking that radiance, that oomph and no matter how many green smoothies you consume or how many sweaty yoga classes you participate in, leave you looking more red faced than inner glow beauty? I know I do. I remember marvelling at my youthful and plump skin during my teen years and thinking it would stay that way forever. It didn’t. Age, stress and hormonal breakouts sometimes make my skin look like a hot mess and these days I definitely rely on a good sleep in and quality products to help wind those years back (or at least some of them anyway). 

I was recently sent some skincare products from Clinique that promise to awaken the skin’s glow. Being a long time user of the Clinique skincare range, I was excited to try these out and see if I could recapture some of my 20 year-old self’s glow. I was sent three products from their Turnaround range; the Turnaround Overnight Revitalising Moisturiser, the Turnaround Accelerated Renewal Serum and the Turnaround Revitalising Instant Facial. After testing all three products out over the last two weeks, I am excited to share my thoughts with you. 

Clinique designed the Turnaround range for those looking to revitalise and energise the skin. When used over time, the Turnaround range helps to revive dull, flat skin tones and release the skin’s inner radiance. How you ask? By adding intense moisture to the skin which helps to plump it up, leaving it more youthful and hydrated. 

The Turnaround Overnight Revitalising Moisturiser* is designed to renew the skin while you sleep (the optimum time to replenish skin). This moisturiser is extremely hydrating and has a wonderfully thick texture, and once applied to the skin, my face immediately felt very smooth and hydrated. After using this moisturiser each night, I’ve been waking up to noticeably plump, hydrated skin. The formula of this moisturiser is incredibly decadent and leaves the skin feeling smooth and dewy after application. Now that I am in my early thirties, skincare that adds hydration and plumps the skin up is important to me and keeps my skin looking fresh and dewy. I feel that Clinique really got it right with this moisturiser, and when I compare it to Clinique’s other moisturisers, this one definitely stands out. 

Turnaround Accelerated Renewal Serum*. I’ve tried a ton of serums over the last few months and was super excited to see how this one would compare. Like most skincare ranges, this serum is best used in conjunction with other products from the Turnaround range which is what I have been doing. The turnaround serum helps to fast track skin cell turnover to reveal brighter, more radiant skin in a quicker amount of time. I really like the light texture of this serum and how quickly it absorbs into the skin. When coupled with the Overnight Revitalising Moisturiser, I am seeing a noticeable difference to my skin; it is smoother and looks brighter. 

Turnaround Revitalising Instant Facial*. I was most excited to use this product because let’s face it; I love anything to do with facials and spa treatments. I have never tried this type of product before and was curious to see how it would work. Basically it’s applied as you would a face mask and left on for around 5 minutes before washing off. It is designed to revitalise and plump the skin up, leaving it looking well rested and bright. The formula is quite grainy and unlike any type of facial product I’ve used before. After smoothing some over my skin, I sat down and waited for it to work its magic. I washed it off and immediately noticed that my face looked extra glowy and bright, which is amazing! I’m very impressed with the results and plan to use this once a week to add an extra boost to my skin.

I am super impressed with these products from Clinique. Although I use their Exfoliating Scrub and City Block Sheer most days, I haven’t tried anything new from Clinique for the longest time so it was nice to have the opportunity to. 

Have you tried anything from Clinique’s Turnaround range? If so, what did you think?

xo Roxane

*Thank you to Clinique for collaborating with A Beauty Wanderer! All products were kindly gifted for consideration, however this does not impact on my review or thoughts and all opinions remain 100% my own. 

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