BEAUTY EDIT: September 2017 Product Round Up

September came and went so quickly that I totally forgot to put up my
monthly products post! I had a few events on throughout the month which may explain the larger than usual product haul and 
although I had some buyer’s remorse I ended up loving most of the items I purchased.

Without further ado let’s get to it!

Kardashian Beauty Smooth Styler Blow Dry Cream with Black Seed Oil.
This was an impulse buy after deciding that my hair was lacking proper care. I
am the worst with my hair and tend to just let it be, which hasn’t really been
a problem until lately. I don’t know why, but my hair has turned into an
impossible ball of fluff and it looks hideous unless I style or blow wave it. I
came across this product at Chemist Warehouse and decided to give it a whirl.
As the name suggests, it is a hair cream that is distributed throughout damp
hair before any heated appliances are used. My first impression was that it
smelled like Clag (remember that glue in primary school?) and after using it a
couple of times I felt like it didn’t make a huge difference to my hair. My
hair has been pretty dry lately (I had foils added to my hair a couple of
months ago) so I think I need a product that is slightly more moisturising.
However, I will continue to use it on the ends of my hair as it did a nice job
of smoothing them out.

Repurchase? No. 

Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot in Harmony. I reviewed this product in a previous
 but after using it for about two weeks straight I feel like it
deserves another review! This is hands down my favourite product of the year.
The Carrot Colour Pots are part of Ere Perez’s new multitaskers range and while
I have used their original colour pots in the past, the updated range is simply
amazing. The Carrot Colour Pots come in five shades and can be used for both
the cheeks and lips. I have been using Harmony on both my cheeks and lips; more
so on my lips as it is the perfect nude shade. It is also deliciously creamy
and hydrating on the lips, and lasts a decent enough time too. The formula is
quite thick yet it is really easy to spread across the skin; I use my fingers
to blend it out and this works a treat. Although I was gifted this product I
would purchase this with my own money in a heartbeat (which I have in the past)
as it is just that good. Ere Perez products are all cruelty free and vegan, so
if this is important to you I highly recommend trying this brand out!

Repurchase? Yes, in a heartbeat. 

Revlon Photoready Concealer in Light. Concealer is a product that I
rarely use these days, unless I have a big breakout. The Revlon Photoready
Concealer was my go-to concealer for years and recently I decided to repurchase
it as I’d had some recent blemishes. The formula is great; it is creamy, easy to
blend and never creases on my skin. I apply it to problem areas
after foundation, and it does a great job of making my skin look flawless. I
normally apply this with my fingers directly to the skin, as I find this blends
the product in well. It comes in a convenient twist up tube, so the
concealer can be dabbed directly onto the skin.

Repurchase? Yes. 

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Bedtime Flirt. NYX is a great brand
if you like on-trend products at an affordable price. I’ve got a nice little
NYX haul at home and the quality really cannot be beat for the price you pay. I
picked up this Liquid Lipstick as it looked similar to the Kylie Jenner lip kit
shades and also because it was gift time at Priceline and any lip product
purchased came with a free lip crayon. The Lingerie Liquid Lipstick is a
creamy, highly pigmented lipstick that has great staying power and comes in a
range of different colours. The shade Bedtime Flirt is a beautiful mauve/pink
and is a nice shade for the daytime. The formula is quite opaque and covers the
lips with a good amount of colour. It does have more of a matte finish, which
is really in fashion at the moment.

Repurchase? Yes, in a different shade. 

Lady Jayne Large Metal Pin Pad Brush. After buying this hairbrush, I
discovered I had an eerily similar one sitting in my bathroom draw…good one
Roxane. The Large Metal Pin Pad Brush by Lady Jayne is designed to groom and
smooth the hair and is suitable for thicker hair types. The metal pins help to
stimulate the scalp for promote natural shine and its contoured pad helps to
gently brush the hair. As someone who has thicker hair, I am really enjoying
this brush. The metal pins are perfect for my thick hair and it also give my
scalp a nice little massage when combing through. As far as hairbrushes go,
this is a good one to invest in.

Repurchase? Probably. I am not loyal to any one hairbrush brand, however
I do tend to stick to Lady Jayne for hair products. 

Sienna Byron Bay 7 Free Nail Laquer in Ambrosia and Cayenne. I
recently took advantage of Sienna Byron Bay’s 30% off sale and bought four nail
colours. I plan to review them all in a separate post, so for now I’ll mention
the shades that I’ve been using the most of lately. As some background
information, Sienna Byron Bay is an Australian company who produce non-toxic
nail lacquers in amazing, on trend shades. They are also certified in the
following: Australian Made, Choose Cruelty Free Australia, Vegan Action and
PETA – Beauty without Bunnies programs (to read more about their
certifications, click
here). I
started to use these polishes last year and quickly fell in love with their
beautiful, nature inspired shades and amazing glossy formula. I added Ambrosia,
a beautiful mid-pink shade and Ceyenne, a blood red colour to my collection and
have been alternating between the two shades for the last few weeks. The
formula goes on evenly and dries super quick, which I love as I tend to
smudge my nails when they’re wet. I find that the polish lasts a great amount
of time on the nails; definitely longer than some other polishes I’ve worn. I
highly recommend checking out Sienna Byron Bay and seeing their amazing
polishes for yourself.

Repurchase? Yes definitely. I have my eye on their entire new Spring
collection, which is just amazing! 

This was a longer post than expected so if you read all the way
though, good on you and thank you 🙂

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products mentioned or if you plan

xo Roxane. 

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