LIFE EDIT: An Update #3

I‘ve been on a
bit of a blogging roll lately and I can put it down to having a few days off
work recently. I have to admit that I love my job and never really think about taking a
break until I do…and then realise how much it was needed. It was so lovely
sleeping in, having time to do all the things that I never seem to have time
for and working on this blog. Sometimes it’s nice to just reconnect
with yourself and not have to put a ‘front’ on for the day. At heart I like the
simple things in life, like drinking tea, reading a good book and generally
feeling cosy and safe. 

Anyway, here’s
what I’ve been up to/loving/loathing lately!

I attended a
wedding of a friend recently and had such a lovely time. I have to admit that
part of the fun was dressing up and pulling out all of my glam makeup. I rarely
go out these days so it was nice to find an excuse. I wore a beautiful Bare by
Rebecca Davies maxi dress, nude Wittner pumps and
my trusty Louis Vuitton clutch which I’ve had for years. The wedding was held
at a beautiful winery and it was so nice and laid-back.

Not the most flattering photo of me…I had only had about 4 hours sleep.

A new item has
made its way into my wardrobe, the Susie Print Faux Fur Coat from Decujba (see above photo). This item was
heavily discounted from $190 down to $45 and Matthew surprised me with it. I
plan to take this to the USA with me as it will be the perfect throw over coat
for those chilly nights. As you may have gathered I am a bit partial to leopard print and always feel a bit like Nanny Fine while wearing it. 

I have made
additional travel plans for next year. Matthew and I will be going to Europe in
June. So far the plan is England, Paris and Greece over three weeks. To be
honest I would rather have waited until August/September as I come back from
the USA in February and felt like it was too close together, however there was
a really great offer with Qatar airlines that we couldn’t refuse. So yes,
Europe 2018 is on and I am looking forward to it. I am really excited for Paris
as we only spent one full day there last time, and there was so much to see and
do. And England seems like such a lovely place, with Buckingham Palace, awesome
accents and its nation of tea drinkers (I should fit right in). Greece is one
of those places where there is so much to do and see. I love visiting ancient
ruins and sights just as much as I love wandering flea markets and sunbaking on
the beaches, and Greece is all of this and more. 

I am finally learning how to say no. I’ve always been a major people pleaser and absolutely hate disappointing others. Being there for others is very important to me, especially to my close friends and family. I’d always say yes immediately, without actually thinking it through. But there comes a point where you have to ask yourself is this what I really want? Do I want to be in this situation? Now when I’m asked to be involved in something or help out, I will really think about whether I want to be a part of it. Will it benefit me in anyway? Do I actually want to be a part of it? Will the person appreciate it (always a deal breaker for me!)? I find asking myself these questions really helps to determine my answer. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel extremely guilty saying no however there is something so liberating about putting your foot down. 

Bra shopping is
something I absolutely detest. It takes an extremely long time to find a style
that suits me, and when I do, I buy several of the same style. My last decent
haul was a long time ago so needless to say, my bras had become really ratty
and old. My all-time favourite bras were from a brand called La Senza, which
sadly closed its Australian doors around 4 years ago (yes, that’s the last
time I bought a bra). I had a light bulb moment the other night to check if
there was an online store, and lol and behold there was. Not only did they ship
internationally, they had a promotion of buy 1 get 1 free bra special, buy 2
panties get 5 free,
and were offering
free shipping. Well you can bet your bottom dollar that I whipped my credit
card out and made quite the haul. The total came to…wait for it…$85.40. Not bad
considering that the bras are normally $54.15 each, and $12 each for the
underwear. I am looking forward to receiving my order (and praying that the
sizes haven’t changed). 

Some new products I’ve been absolutely loving lately are the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector (life changing I tell you), the Batiste range of dry shampoos and Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Oil (read my full review here). Although I love makeup and skincare, I am really low maintenance and prefer products that are simple and quick to use. 

I am putting together a list of products to purchase in the USA next year. So far it includes the Huda Beauty Faux Filter High Coverage Cream Foundation (which is seriously amazing and covers like no other!) and a Sephora gift set of some type. I love the holiday sampler packs they put together over Christmas, as they are such good value and a great way to sample different brands. 

In other news, I entered a competition that Sephora was holding on Instagram and actually won! It is a huge prize and I cannot wait to share it with you. 

I think that just about covers everything. I’ve been a bit sick these last couple of days (the fifth time this year) and just want to feel better. Hot tea, a blanket and Sons of Anarchy have been my faithful companions and never fail to make me feel better 🙂

Thanks for reading! 

xo Roxane

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