LIFE EDIT: When you know you're officially an adult

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Adulting is definitely hard work and it’s only when you stop and realise just how much of a grown up you are is when it hits you the hardest. I, like so many others (I’m sure) have ‘imposter’ syndrome and often feel like I am
living somebody else’s life, because deep down we are all just basically muddling through. I suppose the point it, we never really feel like we are fully fledged adults. Sure, we may hold down responsible jobs (
who on earth put me in
charge of two employees, who?
) vote, drink, pay bills (do they ever stop) and create our own families, but I don’t think we ever really feel like we are a proper grown up. And, the older you get, the more you realise how your parents and grandparents must have felt exactly the same way.

Here are some signs that you are a fully-fledged, functioning adult. Hopefully you’ll be able to relate to some of these!

A great night involves pyjamas, the couch and a big glass of wine. In my younger years I used to love going out to bars and clubs. Ok, maybe more to dress up and use my latest makeup product (shimmery body oil anyone?) but there was no denying the excitement of heading out with your girlfriends, making eyes at all of the cute guys in the club and always ending the night at a fast food place. They were fun, carefree days. Nowadays? The thought of
having to put on high heels, choose an outfit and actually comb my hair fills me with dread. Sure, I
could recreate those memories by dressing up, heels and all, rounding up all of my equally uninterested friends and spending
the entire time wishing I was anywhere but a sticky, gross nightclub, or I can simply relive those memories in my head while physically sitting on my couch, in my daschund print pyjamas and sipping on a lovely glass of pinot noir. Do you get my drift? Home is where my heart (and wine) is!

When inconsiderate drivers piss you off and you have no problem telling them
Years ago I’d be too meek to speak up but not anymore. Shaking my head, giving people the finger and tailgating are just part of my daily commute into the city. My tolerance for idiotic drivers is very low and I find myself shaking my head at younger drivers, muttering ‘bloody kids these days‘  all too often.

You’d rather stay in and cook a homemade meal because it allows you to save money
towards things you need, like a Kmart shoe rack (it’s great by the way)
. Eating out is great but there comes a point when you realise just how much those brunch dishes add up.  Making your own meals is way cheaper, plus you get to stay in your robe #winning.

When you get that everyone has their own lives, including your own. Years ago I’d make the effort to rush around and visit everyone, but as I grew up I realised that all my spare time went to everyone else and not to me. Prioritising becomes a huge thing and you learn when to say yes and when to decline.

You hear yourself talking to someone at work and realise, holy crap, that’s
me speaking
. I am sure we all have a demeanour at work which is different to the one we have at home.

You think you look pretty good for your age until you see a photos of yourself from 10
years ago
. Where did my naturally dewy skin go? Wah.

You realise that your kids or nieces and nephews see you as really old. This is actually heartbreaking.

By the time Friday rolls around you are dead tired. I can barely make the drive home, and when I finally pull up to my driveway (such relief) the first place I visit is my couch.

Feeling as comfortable as possible is the number one goal. I no longer wear
heels unless absolutely necessary (me: can I get away with flats at a wedding?) and all of my clothes are soft, cosy and baggy. These days comfort definitely precedes anything else and I find myself wondering if I can get away with wearing fleecy pants to casual day Fridays at
work (sadly no).

You cannot deal with drama from friends and family anymore. I’ve learn to let this go. If someone is rude, negative or high maintenance I don’t need them in my life, full stop. That’s the beauty of getting older; you realise you don’t
actually need to accept this type of behaviour anymore and it is so liberating! Of course, there will always be difficult people but you’ll learn to just deal with it and move on.

I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know if you can relate!

xo Roxane

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