Blogmas Day #2 – Christmas movies to put you in the mood

Blogmas #2 so far has been a miserable, rainy day here in Melbourne. It’s really unusual to have such cold weather in December, especially seeing as it’s been so warm lately but I’m definitely not complaining. I love the cold weather and nothing brings me more happiness than rugging up in my pyjamas and drinking hot tea.

So today I thought I’d share my top Christmas movies. As a kid I absolutely loved watching Christmas movies and not much has changed. From the classic Home Alone movies to the daggy, straight-to-DVD films that never saw the light, there’s a Christmas movie to suit everyone. I hope you enjoy!

Home Alone 1 and 2. Nothing beats watching Kevin try to make it on his own after being accidentally left behind by his family during Christmas. From the beautifully decorated American houses to the hustle and bustle of New York, everything about these movies puts you in the best mood.

The best way to watch it
: In your pyjamas (just like Kevin), drinking hot chocolate and imagining it is snowing instead of sitting through a sweltering Australian Christmas.

Mean Girls
. Technically not a Christmas movie, but is there any better scene than Regina’s mother mimicking the dance moves to The Plastics annual Christmas dance routine? I think not.
The best way to watch it: In a pink velour suit, drinking fruity mocktails (because you know Regina George’s mother would never add in alcohol unless you really want some, because you know, she’d rather you do it in the house). If you got that reference I love you.

Love Actually
. Possibly the cutest movie ever. Set in England, this romantic comedy follows the love lives of several characters which all interconnect in some way. There are so many great scenes, but the highlight is definitely “To me, you are perfect, delivered to Keira Knightly by her husband’s best friend. It’s a quirky, sweet movie which tugs at your heartstrings and puts you in the mood for all things Christmas.

The best way to watch it: Snuggled up on your couch with a fluffy blanket, a pot of tea and some biscuits (very English indeed). 

Jingle All The Way
. Big Arnie stars in this comedy about a dad desperately trying to get a Turbo Man action toy for his son for Christmas. It has all the elements of a classic 90s film and will have you laughing out loud at all of the wacky lengths that Arnie has to go through to get the prize. 

The best way to watch it: In a nineties slogan tshirt, bag of Doritos and a soda. 

Noteable mentions: 

A Mom For Christmas. Slightly creepy movie about a mannequin who comes to life after a girl wishes for a mother for Christmas. 

Christmas Every Day. A Groundhog Day style movie where a teenage boy experiences Christmas Day over and over again. 

A Christmas Kiss. A young interior designer falls for her tyrant boss’s boyfriend. Slightly lame but oh so satisfying.  

What are some of your favourite Christmas movies? 

xo Roxane 

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