Blogmas Day #9 & #10 – Weekend Shenanigans

Hello and
welcome to Blogmas day 9 and 10! My weekends have been getting busier as we get
closer to Christmas, and it looks like it will remain that way up until after the New
Year. Besides Christmas Day and New Years Eve, I’ve also got a family wedding a few days after Christmas and another one right before my trip to America. That doesn’t leave much time to prepare for my holiday but that’s ok as I work better under pressure! 

First up this weekend was a much needed haircut and colour. I dyed it my usual dark brown and had a
decent chunk of hair cut off. My hair grows long really quickly so I
always cut off more than I’d like. I was toying with going lighter for summer
however my hair fades really quickly and requires too much maintenance, so dark
brown it was. I’ve also booked another cut and colour the day before I leave for the USA. I find that I feel 100% better when my hair is professionally done. 

Also, I’ve just discovered SnapChat. I feel too old to be using it but it’s a lot of fun. I wish those filters existed in real life. 

night was spent at home, drinking tea and working on this blog. I also watched
a movie called Chloe, which is a sort of psychological thriller. I was too scared
to watch the ending, so I just googled what happened. Does anyone else do this? 

Sunday was
spent celebrating a close girlfriend’s birthday. The four of us went to Milk the Cow in St
Kilda, which is a cheese and wine tasting restaurant. It was so much fun and we
all got a bit too tipsy and rowdy, whoops. 

We each got a cheese and wine tasting platter and a baked Camembert cheese to share. It was all out of this world delicious! 

My lovely friends and I. Wearing my new Dotti tropical print wrap top which I’m in love with. 

The weather was beautiful on Sunday so it was nice to dress in summer clothes and not have to worry about feeling
cold (a rarity in Melbourne). 

Tea and coffee followed to sober us up. 

The four of us girls have been friends since high
school and although we’ve all had our ups and downs, we always make the effort to spend quality time together. 

How did you spend this weekend? 

xo Roxane 

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