Blogmas Days #24 & #25: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas! It’s almost 11pm and it’s been a busy day. Although I am exhausted and barely keeping my eyes open, I’m grateful to have spent the day with close family. With grandparents who are getting older and more frail,  time spent with them is a gift and now more than ever I appreciate the time we have together. 

Here’s a brief rundown of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but feel free to skip this part if you’d like to find out what gifts I received!

Christmas Eve was spent market shopping, picking up last minute gifts and preparing for Christmas Day. 

After a sleep in on Christmas Day, we set off to the first of many visits. First stop was Matthew’s brother’s house, where we filled up on delicious food, cocktails and exchanged gifts with his family. Next stop was to visit my grandma who’s in a nursing home, where we chatted over some chocolates. After coming home, my mum picked me up and we headed over to my other grandparents. Some of our relatives came as well so it ended up being a fun afternoon. Afterwards, we headed home and visited the last person of the day, my dad. We had a cup of tea together and then it was finally time to come home. A shower and a cup of tea was the perfect end to a busy day. Now to prepare for tomorrow, when my sister, brother in law, their four children and my parents come to visit! This year I am oddly relaxed and not stressed out at all about Christmas. Even the thought of preparing for tomorrow isn’t breaking me out in a state of panic (edit: I did end up having a last minute moment of panic which saw me drive to Coles in a mad rush to buy more food. Needless to say, there were plenty of leftovers). 

Matthew gave me my gifts on Christmas Eve in stages. First up was a bottle of French champagne- my favourite! Next was a box of Christmas cupcakes from The Cupcake Queens, followed by a Too Faced Christmas bon bon filed with miniatures! I was very spoilt with all of the things that I love. 

Well that’s Christmas over for another year! All of the mad rush, gifts to buy and food to cook just for one day seems a bit ridiculous but it’s all worth it in the end I believe! 

How did you spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Are you sad that Christmas is over for another year?

xo Roxane. 

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