TRAVEL EDIT: I arrived in the US of A!

Hi beauties! I finally made it to Ontario, California and am currently in my hotel room watching Home Alone and drinking tea! It’s two days in and my first impressions of Ontario is that it’s big, feels very ‘country’ and the people are friendly and helpful. Everyone drives instead of walking, the food servings are HUGE (although I’m proud to say I finished a very large cheeseburger, side of fries and pickles last night for dinner) and there are fast food outlets everywhere. It’s completely different to anywhere I’ve ever been and I feel I’m getting the proper American experience here in Ontario. I also tasted Bretzels Pretzels for the first time today and OMG it was sinfully good. Their pretzels are warm, chewy, covered in sea salt and sooo delicious. Obviously not the healthiest thing to eat and I pray they never come to Australia, because I’d be in trouble…*crosses fingers they open stores in Melbourne*. 

Ontario is surrounded by smoky mountains and it’s really something to see them from a distance. 

I’ll be breaking up my trip by state, so the next post will be about California, followed by Las Vegas and San Francisco. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting from America or waiting until I get home, however I’ll keep you posted. 

Until next time! 

xx Roxane 

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