Life Update #6

Hi beauties! 

It’s been awhile since I did one of these posts and quite a lot has happened. Obviously the biggest being that I went to the USA (you’re probably thinking GET OVER IT ALREADY ROXANE) and I can’t believe how quickly it came and went! It really was a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ trip, and I remember sitting on my couch the day I got back and asking myself did I go or did I imagine it all? It’s funny how many hours of planning and organising goes into a holiday, yet the actual trip always seems to fly by so quickly. The West Coast was great but my heart still lies with the East; nothing can top New York and I’d love to make another quick trip within the next year or so. 

What else? I’ve had a few dinners out, catch ups with friends and the usual work grind. I really like routine so it’s been nice to get back into the swing of it all and settle in for another year of work, week to week commitments and planning for my next trip. 

My friends and I went to the Cristina Re Grand Hyatt High Tea last Sunday which was so much fun! From left: Daniella, Diana, Jade and myself! 

So the week before I left for America I attended the wedding of a family friend. Melbourne weather is very unpredictable and of course as soon as we pulled up to the garden ceremony which was to be held at the Botanical Gardens (pictured above) it started to rain heavily. Luckily it eased just in time for the exchanging of vows so we were all saved for the time being. The reception was held in a huge warehouse and was beautifully decorated (it helps that the bride is a creative type and did all of the visuals herself). It ended up being a really fun night! 

I really like how my makeup turned out (not so much my expression ha ha!). I wore the Laura Mercier Photo Finish Foundation (perfect when having your photo taken), the Nars Super Orgasm Illuminator with theBalm’s Mary Lou Manizer applied on top and Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea lipstick in Sea Lyfe. This is my go to makeup for most occasions as it’s quick, simple and doesn’t require much touching up. 

It’s my birthday in March and I can’t believe I’ll be 33. Just looking at that number fills me with dread. It feels like it should belong to someone else, someone who is more settled, content and yes, older. But I suppose we never quite feel our age do we? I’ve been telling myself that I’ll never be as young as I am right now, and it’s amazing how much better that makes me feel. 

I’ve got quite a few products to be reviewed from Juva Skincare, Genie Beauty and Ere Perez so keep an eye out over the coming weeks. I really want to start including photos of myself wearing the products instead of simply showing swatches. It’s part of my shyness and worrying that I’ll look funny on camera but I need to put my insecurities aside and just go for it! If you have any tips let me know, I’d love to hear them! 

I bought a few clothing items on my trip and would love to show them in a separate post. Let me know if it’s something that you’d want to see! I mainly bought casual clothes as it’s all I live in when I’m at home- comfort always wins over anything else. 

I think that about covers it all for now! If I remember anything else I’ll just include it in my next life update post.

Thanks for reading! 

xo Roxane 

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