TRAVEL EDIT: Viva Las Vegas!

Ahhh Vegas.
I have to admit my knowledge of Sin City mostly came from watching The Hangover
movies, reading Holly Madison’s Vegas Diaries and vague memories of Britney’s
shot gun wedding at the chapel of love back in 03. I’d heard it was a place
unlike any other, and was full to the brim with casinos, flashing lights and elaborate hotels.  

Vegas is
all of that and more. At first sight,
the best way to describe it is as
if someone had plonked a gigantic series of flashing lights and hotels in the
middle of a hot, sprawling desert. When you get into the nitty gritty, you come
to see just how magnificent it is. Is it for everyone? Probably not. Even if
you aren’t a fan, you’ll can definitely appreciate it for what it is: an
incredible night life, world famous performers and an amazing array of restaurants and bars. It’s a
weird and wacky place where nothing is as it seems and you really do see all
walks of life there.

So let’s go
back to the start!

The Greyhound bus station

We decided to take the scenic route to Vegas from LA by way of a bus trip. I booked our tickets from Melbourne so we were all set for our epic bus trip. Our hotel organised a driver to take us to the Greyhound bus station in downtown LA and we arrived to total chaos. All of the buses were delayed by around 2 hours so needless to say there was a lot of waiting around. Our bus finally pulled up and pretty soon we were on our way to Sin City.

I am going to be completely honest here and tell you that the bus trip from LA to Vegas was the worst form of transport I have ever taken. The bus was incredibly run down and dirty; I did not want to touch anything at all during the entire seven hour journey. If you ever find yourself booking a Greyhound in the US, please seriously reconsider. It is quicker, and much cleaner to fly and I spent the entire time wishing I’d booked anything but.

Desert as far as the eye can see

Regardless of the bus fiasco, it was really exciting to drive into Nevada and see the scenery change from desert to flashing, tacky Vegas lights. Vegas is truly astounding; it was unlike anything I had ever seen and I had a lot of excitement to what lay ahead.

We took a taxi to our hotel by a manic driver; he was weaving in and out of traffic so much that I felt slightly dizzy. We had booked into Planet Hollywood and my first impressions was that the hotel was very ritzy, glamorous and huge; there are 51 floors of hotel rooms! 

We were checked into the 27th floor and our room was beautiful and clean; one large bedroom, a desk, mini fridge and a huge bathroom. 

After freshening up (and scrubbing the grime away from the bus trip) we headed down to the foyer in search of dinner. 

Planet Hollywood, in addition to a whole floor of casinos, also has several restaurants ranging from Starbucks to Strip Steak, a high class steak restaurant. On recommendation from a hotel worker, we decided on Cafe Hollywood, a diner style eatery with a good range of meals and walls plastered with celebrity photos. 

Citrus and kale salad…so good!

We both had the citrus and kale salad which was out of this world delicious. I really need to replicate this at home. 

The next day we were up bright and early to visit the North Las Vegas Shopping Outlets. They were ok, although not as good as I’d hoped. I found the Ontario Mills had a better range of stores. 

Mr Worldwide

I had surprised my mum with tickets to see Pitbull later that night and he was so amazing live! The whole crowd were on their feet, dancing and singing. I was a fan before the concert, but now I am absolutely fanatical about him and have been playing his music non stop since I got home. 

Enjoying the concert. This was before I’d dropped my strawberry daiquiri all over my lap #fail

The next two days were filled with walking the famous Strip, doing some shopping and exploring all of the vastly different hotels. 

Back in New York
New York New York!
Oui Oui Pari!
The Venetian

We visited Paris, New York, Monte Carlo and Italy. We saw gondolas lazily snaking their way around an indoor river, visited the Statue of Liberty close up and tasted delicious cakes at Carlo’s Bake Shop. There is so much to see and do in Vegas, and it’s the perfect place to indulge yourself with food, shopping and entertainment. 

The best bakery in town

Las Vegas is wacky in the best way possible. It truly is a place where anything goes and is the perfect place to let your hair (and inhibitions!) down. 

One last hotel selfie before leaving

One thing I will mention about Vegas is that it’s quite expensive. Mum and I found the food and drinks to be very pricey, particularly at the Starbucks in our hotel who doubled the prices (we only noticed as Planet Hollywood gives their guests a $9 credit for breakfast each day which barely covered a cup of tea and slice of banana bread). In every other place we’d visited in the US this would only have totalled around $5. So just a warning if you ever go to Vegas! 

Waiting for our connecting flight

I hope you enjoyed my Vegas post and keep an eye out for the fourth and final travel post on San Francisco. I am really excited to write the next blog post and can’t wait to share my photos with you all!

So long Sin City!

Have you been to Vegas? Did you love it/loathe it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

xo Roxane. 

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