Life Update #7

So my last life update was written when I had returned back from the USA,
and it already seems like a lifetime go (if I didn’t have my photos as proof it
would feel like I’d dreamed the whole trip). Life has been busy with work,
outings and my birthday which was a couple of weeks ago. 

I bought a new dress and shoes for my birthday. 

Dress from Hello Molly (taken from website) 

The dress was from Hello
Molly and I stumbled across their Facebook page and fell in love with this
dress. I like it because it’s black, simple and will suit most occasions. It
has a low back so I  wore a stick on
bra instead from Bras n Things. The dress was super comfortable and I didn’t
have to adjust it all night which is something that I hate to do (I am very
much a comfort girl).

The shoes on the other hand…well. I picked these out from Tony Bianco as a
birthday gift from Matthew. The shoes are stunning; black patent and super
high. I am not sure why I thought I could walk in 12cm heels. Let’s just say
that Matthew had to escort me to and from my seat all night. I am hoping to
break them in because I’d love to wear them again. 

We had dinner at Entrecote, a French restaurant that a close friend
recommended, followed by drinks at a couple of bars afterwards. It was a really fun night and it was good to get out of my usual routine of robe, tea and watching Jersey Shore reruns. 

I had eyelash extensions put in recently and I am loving them. They make a huge difference and cut down on the amount of eye makeup needed. I had mine done at
Sophia Lashes in Melbourne, and the entire process was really relaxing; I even fell asleep. I love the lashes they used as I cannot feel them
on; I remember having them done years ago and it felt like I had mini curtains
glued to my eyelids. They’ve been in for just over two weeks now and they still look great, despite a few falling out. Eyelash extensions are definitely something I’ll invest in on a regular basis as I love the way they look. 

I have done some shopping lately, more than I would usually do. I bought another pair of Tony Bianco heels (pictured above) that were on sale and similar to the pair I bought for my birthday. I’ve worn them once and I am able to walk in them which is great. Most of my shoes are closed toe heels, so it’s nice to have some different styles in my collection. 

Kookai is a store that I go to for great basics, and I bought myself two tops with my birthday money. The first is the Ivy Top in White and the Tyler Cropped Tank in Black. Both are cropped styles which I plan to wear with high waisted skirts and pants. I tend to buy really casual tops and don’t really have anything dressy in my wardrobe so these Kookai crops will definitely come in handy and can be paired with many different items. 

That’s about it from me for now. I’m attending Meccaland this Saturday in Melbourne and I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet some fellow beauty bloggers! 

Thanks for reading! 

xo Roxane

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