LIFE EDIT: Telltale signs you were a victim of the 90s

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It seems the nineties are back in a major way. Suddenly, platform sandals, baggy jeans and cropped top are everywhere and it seems like every 20 something year old is dressing like an extra from 90210 (and not the revamped version either). But what about the others bits of the 90’s that haven’t made a fashionable comeback? Only a true child of the nineties will know what really went on in that decade, so today I thought I’d round up the parts that made my childhood so memorable. Hopefully you’ll be able to relate to some of them!

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Butterfly clips were life. If you didn’t have a minimum of 8 butterfly clips strategically placed in your hair, were you even there? I had a nice little collection of butterfly clips and my mum would surprise me every so often with a new set. They were the accessory to wear to school, and the closest way to feel like a member from S Club 7.

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Girls Impulse Spray. Ahh the Spice Girls. I was quite the fan (ok I was obsessed) and besides owning all of their cassette singles, super high platform shoes and scrapbooking all of their photos from TV Hits magazine, I went one step further and decided I’d like to smell like them too. Everyone owned this spray and it really was the closest we’d ever get to feeling like one of the Spice Girls (I was Posh, in case you were wondering).

Dial Up Internet. To use the internet, you’d have to stop the home phone line, actually dial up to the Internet and by the time the damn thing started working it’d be time to get off so your brother could have his turn. I still remember that dialling noise; who would ever have thought it’d bring back feelings of nostalgia?

Wearing bicycle shorts with skirts attached. I’m not sure how this trend even started but whoever designed them made an absolute fortune, as every tween and teenage girl was sporting this look. In case you don’t know what it involved, basically it was a pair of shiny bicycle shorts with a little frilly skirt attached to it. Mine even came with a matching sleeveless crop top with the words ‘Girl Talk’ spelt out (oh no honey). Coupled with scrunchie socks and white canvas sneakers, I represented everything that a victim of fashion was.

Clothing parties. Much like Tupperware parties, clothing parties were all the rage during the 90s. It was the way to buy the trendiest, grooviest clothing and all in the comfort of your own home too. My mum hosted a party and I remember begging for a truly horrific black and white checkered dress with a matching floppy hat. It even had a rose attached. I ended up getting my wish but unfortunately the photos will haunt me forever.

Girlfriend and Dolly magazines were the things to read. There aren’t many teen magazines around these days and it makes me incredibly sad because they really helped me through my teenage years. They had the best articles, fashion and true life stories (remember the sealed sections? So scandalous!). I collected them for a good three years before moving onto Cosmopolitan and Cleo, but I’ll always remember how those teen mags didn’t make me feel so alone.

Fluffy backpacks. We can thank Cher from Clueless for making a furry little bag the ultimate accessory. Mine was round, bright yellow and had a smiley face plastered across it (purchased by my Dad from the Royal Melbourne Show). I thought I was so badass sporting that bag around.

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And finally, body glitter. If there one definition of the 90s it was body glitter and I was sadly a victim. Roll on glitter, glitter jelly and loose glitter, it didn’t matter what shape or form it took, all that mattered was that you were covered in head to toe with it. I even went as far as spraying it in my hair for some extra drama.

Were you a victim of the 90’s? Do you have any cringe worthy stories to share?

Thanks for reading!

xo Roxane.

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