TRAVEL EDIT: My Must Have Beauty Essentials for Travel

There are some items that are
essential for all types of travel, whether it is a torturous long haul flight
or a quick weekend jaunt away. After clocking up a few of each, I feel like I
have the essentials down to a fine art (with the exception of that one time
when I only packed one summer dress on a trip to Hawaii). Today I’ll be
sharing with you my beauty travel essentials for any type of trip.

. These are my
number one staple that I take on every single trip without fail. They are the quickest way to clean
your face on the plane or when you want to remove your makeup quickly
without sacrificing precious holiday time! My all time favourite wipes are the
WotNot Facial Wipes or for a cheaper alternative, the Byphasse Makeup Remover Wipes are amazing value for money and are super moist. 

. An absolute
lifesaver and can be used in so many ways. I use these on the plane, before
eating to ensure my hands are clean, to wipe down hotel benches etc. I am never
without wipes and I normally buy mine from the supermarket or from Daiso. 

Tissues. I hate to be caught out with tissues
and carry these everywhere with me. I normally buy bulk packs from Daiso and because they are pocked
sized they are easy to pack and travel with. 

all-purpose beauty product
. Multipurpose
products are great as they cut down on the number of products you need which
equals more space in your bag- win! My go-to all purpose product is the Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment
as it can be used in so many ways; as a lip balm, face moisturiser, dry hand
salve, as an ointment for bites, cuts etc…the possibilities are endless. I am
never without this product. I buy the tub size as I find it more convenient to use.

face serum
. I never
realised the difference a great serum makes whilst travelling. I used an amazing one by Aesop (I can’t remember the exact name) on
my recent USA flight and it honestly made such a difference; my skin was less
angry and I hardly had any breakouts (this is a huge deal for me as I always
break out whilst travelling). It can also be used in place of a
moisturiser or when you need something a little more hydrating. As a cheaper alternative, face oils such
as rosehip oil or chia seed oil work just as well and can be used as a hair
treatment or hand moisturiser.

That rounds up my beauty essentials for travelling! Of course I pack a lot more however these are my absolute staples for any trip. 

What are some of your beauty staples when you travel? 

xo Roxane 

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