Life Update #10

Welcome back to another life update post! I quite like writing these posts
as it’s a nice way to update you with what’s been happening with my life. 

So I think I last left off when I’d arrived back from my Europe trip and to be
honest I have forgotten all about the trip. That was only reinforced when I asked a friend
recently which countries I’d visited; I’ve honestly forgotten all of it and I haven’t really thought about it since I’ve been back. Quite sad
really. I think I am done with overseas travelling for now and don’t plan to go
anywhere else anytime soon. For now, I will be taking staycations, the perfect holiday
in my opinion!

I’ve got a few product reviews coming up which I am really excited to share
with you. Some of the brands that I am collaborating with have been
staples for many years which is nice. I was thinking of writing up a post on how to work with brands and PR companies. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in! 

If you have followed my blog for while you might know that I have purchased
from the online site Missguided many times. I recently placed an order for three items, and it took almost a month to receive my items (compared to the usual 7 day delivery). Apparently Missguided switched over to Fastway Couriers to send out the items within Australia.  I can safely say that Fastway Couriers are the WORST courier service I have ever encountered. After one attempted delivery to my house, the package was sent back to the depot in Port Melbourne where it sat for 3 WHOLE WEEKS. Not even a calling card was left in my letterbox to notify me. After many, many phone calls, emails and messages sent, it was finally delivered today. Considering I live roughly a 15 minute drive from Port Melbourne, it was absolutely ridiculous that it took that long to be redelivered! Normally I am pretty patient with things like this, and understand that sometimes obstacles get in the way but to leave a parcel in a warehouse for 3 weeks and not notify the customer? Unbelievable!  Anyway, I now have the items safely delivered and luckily the clothes fit really well. Unfortunately this whole experience has turned me off Missguided and I am not sure whether I’ll shop with them again.

Netflix released the film adaption of To All the Boys I’ve Loved and I loved it! It’s based on the bestselling novel of the same name and follows a 16
year old high school student whose love letters to all of her crushes are mailed out accidently. It’s a really sweet teen movie with a great storyline. I have
to admit that I love teen movies and still like to watch them even though I am
in my early thirties. It makes me think of my own high school experience and
how hard those teen years were! Do you ever wonder how you would have turned out if your high school experience was different? 

I think that covers everything for me! 

Until next time…

xx Roxane


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