Life Update #11

Welcome back to another life update. I just looked at the calendar and I can’t believe it is October…where has the year gone? I’ve been a bit slack with blogging over the last month so I’ve got heaps to catch up on…which I plan to do this coming weekend. Expect to see some backdated makeup and skincare reviews soon!

The month of September was pretty horrible. I won’t go into details as it’s very personal but I will say that loss is hard and you never really know how it feels until it happens to you. So many other emotions come into it, all the things you wished you’d said, things you wished you’d done differently, the guilt. The list goes on. It’s just another part of life that we have to deal with and make sense of, but it is hard.

On another note, I made a pretty big purchase this month in the form of a Gucci bag. It was something that I’d wanted for a long time but felt scared to part with all
of that money. But then I figured that I’m old enough, I can afford it and I will
own it for many years to come so now I am the proud owner of the Soho Small Leather Disco Bag in black. It’s such a versatile bag and goes with absolutely everything so I am really happy with it. Matthew took me to the Gucci store on Collins St and treated me (I think he just got sick of me talking about it to be honest).

I also made quite a big Book Depository order last week as I was craving new books. If you read my August Favourites post I mentioned one of the books, Gorgeous Girl by Mary K Pershall. I finished it over the weekend and it was such an interesting
read. Mary K Pershall was my Engligh teacher in Year 9 and she was easily one
of my favourite teachers. I loved her warmth and knowledge and only have fond
memories of her. When I read in the news that Mary’s youngest daughter Anna had
been jailed for murder I was shocked and saddened. Gorgeous Girl is all about
the struggles and sacrifices Mary and her family experienced with Anna’s
terrible mental health issues, alcohol addiction and later, a drug problem that
tipped her over the edge. Anna is now rehabilitated and finally able to feel like a normal person, and in a way jail was the only place where she could get help. It was a sad yet uplifting story that has affected so many lives, including the man whom Anna murdered. I highly recommend reading Gorgeous Girl howeverit is quite confronting and I had to keep reminding myself that this was a true story and had actually happened.

I also picked up the complete Gypsy Brothers novel which is 8 stories in one. It’s designed to be read before the Cartel series (whoops) and follows on 6 years after the end of the Cartel series. To be honest, I didn’t love it. The author’s style is very dark and depraved and I felt like Gypsy Brothers was a bit too much. Some parts were horrific and I struggled to get through it. I plan to write a mini review up soon so keep your eye out!

It was Matthew’s birthday a week ago and we celebrated on Saturday night with dinner at Entrecôte and drinks later on.

Getting ready to leave our house!

Entrecôte is easily my favourite restaurant now. It’s got a cool Parisian vibe and I love the cute decor; perfect for taking photos. We ordered our usual meal of steak and frites which was so good.

There was a bar a few doors down called the Botanical and because we had some time to kill before dinner we had a quick drink there. It’s a really nice, chilled bar with a good selection of drinks to choose from.

Forever dreaming of my robe and pjs…

It was nice to have a night out together, just the two of us. Although we’ve been together for so long, we still have so much to talk about when we’re together. We have our little inside jokes that nobody else gets (in fact, people would think we’re crazy if they ever heard us). It’s nice just to be ourselves around each other.

I think that covers everything at the moment!

Thanks for reading and be sure to comment below if you have any questions!

xo Roxane

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