Having a Greek background means olive oil is used for practically everything. Growing up, my family had tins of the stuff stashed away in the pantry ‘just in case’ so we’d never run out of it, just like a well oiled (get it?) production line. Even now, olive oil is a huge staple in my diet. I cook with it, drizzle it on literally everything I eat and have even incorporated it into my beauty regime. It’s fair to say I am a bit obsessed with olive oil. So when I came across the Green Olive by Red Hill beauty range I was immediately intrigued! 

Green Olive at Red Hillis a family run business located in Red Hill, one hour from Melbourne. They grow olives, grapes, herbs and vegetables, raise sheep and chickens and turn produce from local farmers into amazing products. Visitors can do anything from eat at their amazing restaurant, stay in their accomodation, take cooking classes and more! They also produce and stock their own range of beauty products which I’ll be discussing below. 

Their natural body products are made using farm produced, extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil (which is the best olive oil grading there is). The range includes cleansers, moisturisers, balms, bath products and accessories. Today I will be reviewing the Nourishing Lotion Trio and the Olive Balm.

The Nourishing Lotion Trio* is made up of three different scents; Lemon Verbena, Rose Geranium and Cedarwood. Each lotion is enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Carrot, Calendula and Vitamins C and E to help protect the skin from free-radical damage and provide anti-ageing properties. The lotions also contain Cocoa and Shea Butter (my favourite ingredients!) to help add further nourishment to the skin.

I’ve been using these lotions as mostly hand creams as they absorb quickly into the skin; nothing worse than a hand cream leaving residue on the skin! I am really loving the nourishment they give to my skin, and the beautiful scents; my favourite is definitely the Lemon Verbena as I love anything citrusy. I’ve been carrying one around with me in my handbag and it’s a great product to have on hand; it can also be used as a lightweight body lotion making it perfect for the warmer months ahead! Each tube is 30ml and is slim enough to fit into the smallest of bags. I would highly recommend these lotions if you prefer a lightweight formula. They’d also make a lovely gift for Christmas!

The Olive Balm* is a natural nourishing skin balm enriched with Australian and is the perfect multi purpose product; it offers exceptional moisture and helps to heal scars, blemishes and other skin imperfections. It’s also a great product for sensitive skin or to soothe skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis as it is unscented. It contains lots of nourishing ingredients such as centella leaf extract, bees wax, calendula flower oil and vitamin E and of course extra virgin olive oil. It can be used on all areas of dry skin such as to treat dry cuticles, to soothe dry hands, as a lip balm etc. 

I have been applying it each night to my hands as they are constantly dry (the downside to having OCD unfortunately) and it does an amazing job of keeping them soft and hydrated. I also like to apply it as a lip balm/treatment and my lips are incredibly soft after use! I am really impressed with this product as it can be used in so many ways and is very effective. If you’re looking for an all round moisturiser I highly recommend trying out the Olive Balm! 

Overall I am super impressed with these beautiful products from Green Olive Red Hill. As you may know from this blog, I really appreciate natural, locally made skincare products and love to support local businesses so trying out products from Green Olive at Red Hill was a dream for me! 

Have you tried anything from the Green Olive at Red Hill range?  

xo Roxane

*Thank you to Green Olive at Red Hill for collaborating with A Beauty Wanderer! Products were kindly gifted for consideration, however this does not impact on my review or thoughts and all opinions remain 100% my own.

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