REVIEW: My 2 Day Juice Cleanse with Schkinny Maninny

Over the last couple of weeks I have been feeling bloated, heavy and
unsettled after eating. I am usually a pretty healthy eater but definitely
haven’t been lately…I’ve been consuming more Kinder Surprise chocolate that I can
count and sea salt chips have become my faithful companion. Add to that my up
and down mood lately and skin breakouts and it’s safe to say that I’ve been in
a bad way. After eating an entire olive bread loaf within two days (not my finest moment) I decided enough was enough and decided to
partake in a juice detox*. 

You may recall I did one

This time around I went with the ‘Just Juice’ cleanse which is a bit harder to
complete seeing as it’s a liquid diet only, however I decided at the time that I would eat small, healthy meals if I couldn’t finish the juices. I didn’t want to starve myself or rely on juice only. I wanted to do the cleanse in a way that was right for me and my body. 

So welcome to my 2-day juice cleanse! Here I promise to be as honest as
possible and share my experiences with you, both good and bad! 

As a side note, what I hope to achieve from doing this 2-day juice detox
is to reduce bloating, clear my skin and have more energy. It’s also a
chance for me to cut most foods out of my diet for two days as I feel I need a break
from it. I was also wanting to reduce my caffeine intake as I consume a lot of tea every day. 

Day 1

I woke up feeling excited about starting the cleanse. I had packed my juices
the night before so it was all ready to go. I arrived at work around 9am and started my
first juice of the day, the Schkinny Leap Frog. This was really delicious so it
went down nicely. I also made a cup of ginger and lemon tea as I crave a
hot drink in the morning. I am a bit nervous about cutting black tea out as I
have it every single day. Let’s see how it goes!

Shkinny Maninny recommend spacing the juices out every two hours so that’s what I did. I had the Schkinny Pink Sherbet at 11am (I was definitely hanging out for
that next juice). This was also really tasty and curbed my cravings. It was
around this time that my headache started to develop eeek.

Lunchtime rolled around and I had the Schkinny Vego Mego juice with a
handful of nuts. My headache was still present and I know it was from having no tea.
Otherwise, I was feeling pretty good and didn’t feel hungry, winning! 

I left work a bit earlier, around 3pm and by that stage I was not feeling too great. I was craving a cup of tea and actually started to feel fidgety (I think it was withdrawal symptoms from caffeine!). I started the fourth juice and could not finish it. Luckily Schkinny Maninny don’t expect every juice to be consumed; they just recommend having as much as you can. This was great news for me as I wanted to do the program properly. I also didn’t have the next juice as I could not stomach the thought, so I made a small tomato and cauliflower salad. This hit the spot and tasted SO GOOD! My headache was slowly disappearing, yay. 

I had a burst of energy after that and got some chores done. I finished off the night with the Schkinny Sleep Well, which is the dreamiest drink ever! This was my favourite from last time too. It was a good way to cap the day off. 

Day 2 – The Last Day!!!

I had a great sleep and woke up feeling really good. One of the first things I noticed was how flat my stomach was. I also felt more energetic which is unlike me first thing in the morning. I had a few sips of the first juice, the Schkinny Pine Ginger Splice however I wasn’t hungry at all and didn’t finish it. I had a few errands to run that morning so I didn’t come home until 11am. When I got back I sipped some of the Schkinny Cage Fighter however again I didn’t finish it. 

I tagged along with Matthew and his friend for breakfast however I didn’t eat anything, just sipped on a small cup of tea. I was really surprised that I wasn’t feeling ravenous; I suppose juice can fill you up. 

I did some baking when I got home (baklava for a family gathering the next day) and I sipped the next juice, the Schkinny Alkaliser. I wasn’t able to finish this juice so I made another small tomato and raw cauliflower salad. Only three more juices to go! 

I found the next two juices hard to drink. Each time I’d take a sip I felt nauseous. This is no reflection on the juices at all; I had similar or the exact same juices the stay before so this was purely my reaction to them on the second day. It’s for this reason that I didn’t finish the next two juices and went straight to the last juice later on at night, the Schkinny Sleep Well. It was the perfect way to cap off the cleanse. 

What I loved about doing a juice cleanse

It gave me more energy

I felt less bloated

I felt more alert and focused

My skin looked much clearer, even after just one day

It made me more regular (this might be too much information but I want to be honest!) 

What I didn’t love about doing a juice cleanse 

The headaches from not having caffeine. This was the hardest part of the cleanse for me. I did however have tea on the second day as I really craved it. 

The craving to chew on something. The Schkinny Maninny juices leave the pulp in which definitely helps with the need to chew on something. 

Not being able to reach for food. I’ve noticed that I eat when I’m bored or to pass the time, so this cleanse taught me to eat a bit more mindfully.

Overall thoughts 
Overall I noticed some differences after my 2 day juice cleanse. I felt more energetic, my skin looked clearer and my stomach was less bloated. I didn’t miss food as much as I thought, which is surprising as I do love to eat and snack. The juices were quite filling which definitely helped with hunger pains. Although it was a difficult two days (with some intense cravings) I’m glad to have completed the juice cleanse and would recommend it if you’re after a body reset.  

Are you thinking of doing a juice cleanse? 

xo Roxane.

*I ordered and paid for the juice detox myself. 

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