Is there anything better in the lead up to Christmas by binging on totally cringeworthy but oh so good festive movies? I am the type of girl who has always loved watching the daggy midday Christmas movies, even the ones with absolutely ridiculous plot lines (A Mom for Christmas anyone?). I think as we get older we lose that excitement for Christmas and in life generally, and watching anything sparkly and happy brings a bit of that back. Today I’ll be sharing my favourite Christmas films on Netflix and Stan at the moment which you must watch! So put on those reindeer pyjamas, make yourself an eggnog and settle in to watch some awesome Christmas films!


Home Alone 1 & 2. Ah Home Alone. I grew up watching these films with my siblings and to me, nothing quite conjures up the feeling of Christmas than Kevin outsmarting two crooks who break into his family home. I love both films equally, however Home Alone 2 offers that something special as it’s set in my favourite city in the world, New York City! Every time I watch it, it takes me right back to being with my brother and sister and having the time of our lives together.

Elf. If this isn’t the ultimate Christmas film than I don’t know what is! Buddy the Elf travels to New York City (the perfect setting for a Christmas film in my opinion) in search of his very human father. If it sounds ridiculous it totally is, but it’s so enjoyable that I guarantee you’ll watch it over and over again. My little nephew absolutely loves this film and is the one who got me hooked on it. So many laugh-out-loud bits, however the highlight is when Buddy gets drunk and performs the hora dance.

The Princess Switch. This is a brand new film to Netflix starring Vanessa Hudgens, (she of High School Musical fame) and centres around a Chicago baker and soon-to-be Princess that discover they look alike and switch places. A Princess Switch has it all; cute actors, Christmas baking and a European royal family; what’s not to love? I really enjoyed this one and was immediately inspired to start baking gingerbread cookies. The perfect movie to put you in a festive mood.

A Kiss For Christmas. This is one of those utterly ridiculous yet oh so enjoyable romantic Christmas movies that you need to watch! A woman shares a kiss with a total stranger and later discovers that he is engaged to her overbearing boss. What follows is a tangled web of love and confusion, all played by an ultra cute cast. This movie will make you want to rug up in cute boots and fur coats and drink mulled wine in cosy bars with your friends.


Bad Moms 2. This is the follow up to Bad Moms 1 and follows the three main mums as they try to stay sane throughout Christmas after their own mums show up. It’s got the same crude humour as the first movie and there are plenty of ‘laugh out’ moments. While the plot line is a bit iffy at times, it was still highly enjoyable!

Stan have put together compilations of Christmas episodes from popular tv shows, which saves having to sift through the seasons to find the Christmas bits. Here are some worth watching!

The O.C. Christmas. Relive Christmukkah with the Cohens and fawn over brooding Ryan (did he ever smile?) in this cute collection!

Friends Christmas. Because, Friends. Is there any better show to watch during Christmas? Join your favourite gang while they navigate life during the festive season.

The Nanny Christmas. One of my favourite shows ever! Nanny Fine is my spirit animal, from her leopard print clothing to her teased out poufy hair. Join Fran Fine and the Sheffields for a Christmas/Hanukkah marathon (and watch out for Grandma Yedi).

Dawson’s Creek Christmas. Ahh Dawson’s Creek. The show where the case spoke more like 70 year old intellectuals than fifteen year old oversexed American high school students (what was up with that?). Nonetheless, I think anyone who was a teen during the 90s/early 2000s watched this show religiously; I know I did. I’m looking forward to taking a trip down memory lane and relieving the trials and tribulations of the Capeside crew.

What are you watching this festive season? Do you have any recommendations?

xo Roxane.

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