I am one of those people who is pretty open about my lifestyle quirks. My favourite clothing item is a robe, I much prefer fruits and veggies to sweets and I drink a lot of tea…I mean a lot (enough that my family are concerned). But there are some things that I deliberately hide from others as they could come across as a little…lame (although I am sure others can relate). Today I’ll be sharing some of my guilty pleasures at Christmas time with you all.

Watching the midday Christmas films. This has been my favourite thing to do since I was a child. It’s cute when you’re 12 but 33? Maybe not so much. They are all alike and there is always a happy ending, but I just cannot get enough of them. P.S. I have been known to take a day off from work to watch a midday movie…

Eating shortbread biscuits. I am not really a sweet tooth. Don’t get me wrong, I like to have a bit of chocolate here and there (especially during that time of month) but when it comes to Christmas shortbread I have no self control. Strangely, I only eat shortbread at Christmastime and I do not hold back. The Scottish ones in the red boxes are my absolute favourite, especially when they are dipped into tea. Yum…

Listening to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You every day. Nothing else comes close to Mariah wearing a Santa suit in the snow with those bells jingling in the background. It is the best song to get you in the Christmas mood and I admit to listening to it constantly in the lead up to Christmas. Last year I listened to it roughly 63 times until Matthew threatened to push me out of the car. I just love it so much and it always put me in a cheery mood.

Wandering around Myer and feeling like I’m in a Christmas movie. This is a strange one but it’s something that I’ve been doing for years, ever since I was a kid. It always makes me feel happy and a bit childlike, and nothing feels more festive to me than Myer in Bourke Street. Melbourne during Christmas is awesome; there are so many great things to see and places to visit, not to mention the beautifully decorated Myer windows that people of all ages can enjoy. I always find an excuse to go into the city before Christmas, even if it’s for no other reason than to walk around Myer and have a tea and cake somewhere. 

What are some guilty pleasures you have during Christmas time? Do you share them or keep them hidden?

xo Roxane. 

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