Christmas is generally the time
when we put others before ourselves. There are gifts to buy, food to prepare
and people to visit and just the thought of it all makes some of us want to
curl up into a ball and hide. It’s easy to put aside our own mental and physical
health and focus on others however it’s super important to also make yourself a
priority during this crazy time. Today I’ll be sharing with you some quick
self-care tips that may just save your sanity this Christmas (no Valium necessary). 

Set aside some time at the end
of each day just for you
. This may just be 10 or 15 minutes to enjoy a quiet cup
of coffee but it might be just the thing to cap off a crazy day.

Get enough sleep. If you find
yourself decorating Christmas cookies at 2am for your office party, for god’s
sake put the icing bag down and go to sleep! Ask yourself if it’s really
worth sacrificing precious sleep over…chances are it’s not (and nobody will
know if the cookies are store bought or homemade).

Treat yourself to a beauty
. I don’t mean a day spent at a fancy spa treatment located in the hills of
a mountain either. Just popping on a face mask or painting your nails a festive
red can be just the thing to lift your spirits and make you feel more human

Watch a Christmas movie to
remind you of Christmas cheer
. I find the cheesier the movie, the better you
feel! Luckily there are a whole plethora of movies on Netflix and Stan at the
moment so take your pick. Some never fail classics include Home Alone, Elf and
Love Actually. If you’re in the mood for something so bad that it’s good, just google 90’s Lifetime Christmas movies…you’re welcome. 

Light a Christmas scented
. Smell is such a powerful sense and can evoke so many emotions, so why
not tap into that by lighting a beautifully scented candle? Some Christmas
scents to get you in the festive mood are cinnamon, berry and pine, yum!

Breathe and remember it will all be over soon
. And lastly, remind yourself
that Christmas is only one day and soon it will ALL BE OVER! Then the only
things you need to worry about is finishing all of the leftover wine and chocolate

What self-care tips do you
practice over the festive season?

xo Roxane. 

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