My much anticipated five day Christmas break ended up being a never ending rollercoaster of baking, visiting family and gift shopping so needless to say it was super busy! Luckily I have today off (Friday) and don’t have much to do besides getting a head start on the house cleaning so I thought I’d share with you a great new show I came across on Stan. 

I am infamous for starting new shows on Netflix and Stan and not seeing them through (except for Gossip Girl because it’s Gossip Girl xoxo) and I have a long pile that I continue to add to the list. It’s not that I don’t enjoy these shows or that they aren’t great, it’s more that I have a short attention span and am always looking for the next best thing (if I were on Tinder that would so be my bio). I recently came across a new show called The Bold Type that centres around three single 20-something women, Jane, Kat and Sutton who live in New York City and who all work at Scarlet magazine. Needless to say I was immediately intrigued. I’ve almost finished Season One and am completely and utterly in love with it. I think you should watch this too and here’s why! 

It celebrates female friendships. This is the biggest drawcard of the show for me. The women on the show are incredibly supportive and truly want the best for one another. Not only does this apply to Jane, Kate and Sutton but it also extends to their editor in chief Jacqueline who is a total boss lady and incredibly supportive and nurturing of her staff. 

Jane, Kat and Sutton look like real women. It’s refreshing to see girls who look completely natural instead of society’s version of how a woman should look. All of the characters look so different to one another but are all beautiful in their own way; they don’t fit into the ‘ideal’ body type of a woman and I really appreciate that. 

The love interests are never the main focus of the show. Who doesn’t like a bit of romance to keep things interesting? I know I do. What I like about The Bold Type though is that the love interests are never the main focus of the storyline. Rather, they are equally on par with work crises, friendship troubles and personal problems which is much more accurate amirite ladies?  

It teaches women it’s ok to be brave and ask for what they want. The women on The Bold Type know their worth and aren’t afraid to speak up if they think things aren’t fair. As a female in a corporate workplace I find this really inspiring. Women tend to be viewed as pushy or greedy if they ask for what they want and are often made to feel guilty for it. The Bold Type is the perfect reminder that we are all worth it, regardless of gender. 

It’s relatable. It shows it’s ok to make mistakes in life. The characters on The Bold Type are by no means perfect and continuously make mistakes and misjudgements which is totally normal! 

Have you heard of or watched The Bold Type? What were your thoughts? I’d love to start a discussion group for those who are invested like me, so comment below! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a couch date with Stan…

xo Roxane. 

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