Is it just me or is the minimalist movement sweeping the nation? So many people that I know are purging, cleaning and organising their possessions in order to lead a more minimal, streamlined life. I guess Marie Kondo has played a part in this. I am yet to watch her Netflix show but over the last few months I have been hankering for a simpler, less cluttered life. From the pantry to the wardrobe and beyond, I am craving a home that is fuss free and clutter free. I recently cleaned my wardrobe out and got rid of soooo many clothes, shoes and bags; it was honestly sickening to see how much I had accumulated and what’s worse is that I was buying more and adding it to an already overflowing closet. There is only so much that one can fit stuff into before it becomes suffocating and it reached that point last week. Now, my wardrobe is simpler and clearer; I can see what I have on display and don’t need to go rifling through my cupboard to find that top I bought only last month. 

My one goal for 2019 that I want to work towards is my aim for a clutter-free life. 

Growing up, I was somewhat of a hoarder. I kept so many things because I deemed them sentimental and would find it hard to part with anything, especially if it was something that a loved one had given me. Now that I am older and (somewhat?) wiser I don’t let material possessions take ownership over me.  I always tell myself that  I’d rather collect memories than stuff and that has helped immensely. 

Although I made a huge dent in clearing out my wardrobe, I still have a long way to go and need to purge even more. I am trying to reduce my clothing count and what I mean by this is that I don’t want multiple version of the same item. Years ago I had a huge cardigan collection. Now? I only have about three and they are in serious rotation. That makes me so happy because I know I am getting wear out of them and until they fall apart I will not be buying anymore. 

My next project is my beauty collection which is huge for me. Being a beauty blogger I often get sent products to try which I absolutely love, however it makes it hard to work towards a minimal collection if I am receiving new products. So I am taking a different approach and will not be buying any new products unless I absolutely need it, instead I will use what I have currently and this will slowly but surely reduce my collection. 

My aim is to fit my entire beauty collection in my new Ted Baker Makeup Pouch.

If you’re thinking yeah right Roxane, don’t worry, so am I eeeek. But it is something that I will strive towards this year. It’s hard because I love beauty and skincare and love to try new products. When I see a new product that someone has raved about I convince myself that I need it and will more often than not purchase it. So it is hard to resist temptation. 

So that is my number one aim for 2019 and a goal that I will work towards all year. Am I sure that I will get there? No. But I will make progress towards it throughout the year and will keep you updated on my progress! 

What is your number one goal for 2019? 

xo Roxane.

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