I love blogging, I really do. I love writing about random bits of my life and getting things off my chest. I love the whole process from brainstorming (which is really just me having
random lightbulb moments and hurriedly typing them into my iPhone before I forget) to drafting to editing to proofreading to taking photos. It can be a long process and while it can be a bit tedious at times I don’t consider it
work. Blogging has opened up a few doors for me and getting to sample and review products
and work with amazing brands is definitely a ‘pinch me’ kind of moment. Growing up I would always make up stories and publish my own ‘books’; the life of an editor always appealed to me. Who knew that years and years later I’d have my little space on the net that allowed me to do just that? Life is funny.

But I digress. At times I have felt like giving up this blog. Sometimes I’d focus on the negatives and there were plenty. From other people’s opinions (don’t you think of anything else besides makeup? Why do you bother when you’re not even paid? You must have a lot of time on your hands…), to having writer’s block constantly, to comparing my blog to other more established blogs to not having a knack for photography. These are all negatives I’ve come across and while they still play in my head I try to shut them out and remember why I blog. I have a creative mind which is stifled in my corporate job. Blogging allows me to be whimsical and girly and put my own stamp on the world in my own unique way.

Here’s some of my resolutions for the new year and where I want my blog to head towards.

Update my layout. I am tossing between a clean, minimalistic design or a girly, whimsical layout. Both appeal to me but I am leaning towards a minimalistic design as it looks more

Revaluate some of my regular
post segments
. I want to let go of the posts that don’t really add anything to the blog. As an example, I stopped blogging about Bellabox last year as it wasn’t really informative; a post on Instagram seemed more than enough. I will also be stopping my monthly favourites as it feels a bit outdated?

Introduce new regular post segments. I’ve
decided to introduce a regular segment called ‘From The Editor’. I’ve seen it on a few other blogs and really like the idea. I am not sure whether it will replace my Life Updates; I am still figuring this out.

Introduce other topics to the
. Awhile ago I put a poll on Instagram asking if readers would rather read about women’s issues or current affairs on the blog and Women’s Issues won hands down. Lately
I have been craving content with more substance so I am excited to research and
write about this issue.

Update my photos. You may have noticed that photography is not my strongest point. I rely on filters to make photos look pretty, and because I am at work all day I miss out on natural light. The weekends are the only time I have free to shoot photos and it’s hard trying to plan photos a week in advance. I’ve been experimenting lately with my iPhone for different styles so I may shake things up.

Be more open and real and less
like I’m trying to sell a product
. Sometimes when I get products sent to me I have to sell the product but in an honest, believable way. I won’t lie, this can be really, really difficult. It’s not that I don’t love and recommend the
product, it’s more that I don’t want to come across as fake and dishonest and not spruiking the product just because I didn’t pay for it. It’s a fine line. I just try to be honest and speak in my own voice and hope that conveys the
message across. 

I am really looking forward to changing up the blog and breathing some fresh air into it! Hopefully you’ll like what I have in store and I’d love to hear your feedback once the changes are implemented.

xo Roxane

*Photo credit: Pinterest

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